CobiotX. noun. Collaboration between humans and robots to accomplish more.

Why Robotics?

Robots in education are not toys or mascots, they are a technology platform. Like laptops, tablets, phones, or game consoles, robots are just vessels for human achievement and their true value is in applications and problem solving. Choosing a robot platform is only the first step, and the true power of robotics is how it empowers educators to accomplish more than they could have imagined. Eduscape’s innovative partnerships and professional development are designed to ensure that educators and learners alike harness and maximize the fruitful application of robots in the classroom.

CobiotX in Education, Defined

CobiotX significantly improves human-robot interaction and adaptability, fostering efficient, safer workplaces and delivering tangible benefits such as enhanced productivity, reduced errors, and a more human world.

Eduscape designs lessons that drive collaboration between robots and educators to raise student achievement.

Human (student) advancement through targeted interventions is introduced to teachers by the Eduscape Team.

Eduscape leverages robotics technology that is applied to deepen learning.

What the Experts Say

"People understand each other in social terms, allowing them to engage others in a variety of complex social interactions including communication, social learning, and cooperation.
Such issues must be addressed to enable many new and exciting applications for robots that require them to play a long-term role in people’s daily lives."

-Guy Hoffman, Cornell University

Success Story:
 Newark, NJ

Newark School District Uses Virtual Coding and Robotics to Promote SEL (social and emotional learning).


From Our Community of Practice


Catholic CentRAL - LATHAM, NY

"The last thing we want is to have a robot be the teacher. It’s all about intentional choices. When you see Photon in the classroom — sure it’s a robot and its technology and they’re using an iPad or their phones to help move Photon — but what you have to look for are the class discussions, the critical thinking that you see beyond the robot."


Seventh Grader

"On here, with the Photon, I can actually visualize what he’s going to do. It brings out like a really social version of yourself and helps you be a part of a team. And you are learning technology, which is such a big part of our world, and we all have to adapt and learn it."

Our Robots

A multi-disciplinary coding and robotics solution for learners from PreK to High School.

A robotics partner for educators that makes coding tangible and supports multiple subject areas.    


Not just a robot, but a teacher's aide in developing practical programming skills and creative solutions designed by students.


Let us help you Rethink Learning.

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