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Rethink learning in your classroom with Photon Robotics, a complete solution for teachers, with no coding experience, to increase student achievement through coding, computer science, and computational thinking.

Transform Teaching and Learning

Eduscape is the exclusive distributor of Photon in North America.


Integrate robotics into open-ended teaching of any subject.


Engage and teach students coding at earlier points in education.


Discover the basics of programming and explore more advanced topics.

Photon Teaching Kits

Photon Special Education Kit

This kit was developed in a bid to facilitate teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as emotional and social disorders. The kit consists of 50 lessons intended for pedagogical therapy classes and remedial classes with children from this group.

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Photon Physics Kit

This kit makes it easier to conduct physics classes for students aged 12–14. It contains our original lesson plans, dedicated accessories, and a bespoke app to make it possible for any teacher to carry out engaging scientific experiments with a single click.

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Photon Sustainable Energy Kit

This kit was created to help shape an attitude of respect for the natural environment and promote pro-environmental behaviors in students. It includes 10 lesson scenarios that can be used as a whole or as individual activities.

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Photon Social-Emotional Learning Kit

This kit includes a set of activities to support the social-emotional development of children grades 1-6. The interactive Photon Robot and the accompanying teaching aids help children engage in dedicated activities, learn more effectively, and gain new skills.

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Photon AI Discovery Kit

This kit is a ready-to-use solution dedicated to educators who would like to introduce their students to artificial intelligence technology. The resources help educators learn how to talk about artificial intelligence and how to develop critical thinking skills in children so that they are conscious
technology users.

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Photon Early Education Kit

This kit is designed for the comprehensive development of the youngest students. It comprises activities for cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

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Photon Robotics & Coding Kit

This kit includes scenarios and accessories to conduct engaging computer science classes at the high school level using Photon and the BBC micro:bit mini-computer.

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Photon Academy

Photon is a versatile and engaging instructional tool that can be seamlessly integrated into any classroom to deepen instruction and support core content areas. Whether you are meeting Photon for the first time or just looking for new ways to incorporate Photon into your classroom, Photon Academy is the answer.

Photon Academy will support participants in learning about Photon, creating classroom norms, and designing learning experiences. As part of the Photon Academy, teachers are guided in their integration of Photon into their classrooms through a variety of processes and design frameworks. Participants will leave this Academy with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to successfully integrate Photon into your classroom. 

integrate coding and robotics into any grade and any subject


Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Northgate School District, PA

We used to think that we needed a different robotics coding solution for every grade level or range. Photon provides the kind of flexibility that allows us to integrate coding and robotics into any grade and any subject. Even teachers who are apprehensive to use technology have found Photon to be just as friendly to use as its looks suggest. Photon has allowed us to be creative in designing assessments that not only meet the standards of the subject but integrate the STEM principles that we sometimes struggle to integrate across the curriculum.

Photon is robust because it lets students engage at their own level and in their own way, but also ensuring there are opportunities for problem-solving in every interaction. Whether it’s a preschooler acting out the program as he’s programming or a middle school student wanting to make Photon do a dance complete with color changes and loops in the programming, students jump into thinking with Photon within 30 seconds of being introduced to it, and they can all learn something in a short time by interacting with it.

students jump into thinking with Photon within 30 seconds

Dr. Chandra Orrill

Director of the Kaput Center
UMass Dartmouth

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