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IntegrateAI, offered by Eduscape, and discover the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. Become a pioneer in the classroom by integrating AI technologies, designing engaging lessons, and leading AI integration in your school, district, or classroom.

We want to enhance student interaction with content material by empowering educational communities to ethically, strategically, and impactfully integrate Artificial Intelligence.

IntegrateAI is a total professional development program that empowers K-12 administrators, educators, and technology leaders to harness the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their schools. Participants develop in-depth knowledge of AI in the Educational Landscape and explore actionable steps to enhance student achievement.

Prepare your entire school community to incorporate AI.

IntegrateAI is a specially curated program that will equip your Administrators, Educators, and Technology Leaders to effectively navigate AI integration in their positions.


Readiness Assessment

Personalized assessment to gauge your readiness to incorporate AI.


Planning Framework

A Roadmap for AI Implementation will be created and customized to fit the needs of your school.



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Work through the self-paced eLearning Course— AI in the Educational Landscape.



Three role-specific workshops will be offered either in-person or virtually.

Discover the role-specific workshops that will effectively equip your team.


AI Fundamentals for Educational Leaders

Strategic Planning for AI Integration

Leading AI Transformations in Your District


AI Fundamentals for Educators

Integrating AI Tools and Resources in Instruction

Empowering Students as Creators and Critical Thinkers with AI

Technology Leaders

AI Fundamentals for Technology Leaders

Technical Requirements and Specifications for AI Integration in Education

Developing AI Integration Policies and Strategies

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We offer additional resources, tailored to your role-specific needs, that will further equip you with AI Integration strategies. Reach out to our team to begin your complimentary AI Integration consultation.





Design Thinking

Engage with a community that is interested in exploring AI integration.

Discover how Educational Leaders view Artificial Intelligence.

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