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In the rapidly evolving world of education, the key to unlocking the full potential of our schools lies in empowering the leaders at the helm. Intentional professional development for administrators is not just an investment; it's a profound commitment to excellence in education. It equips our educational leaders with cutting-edge tools and insights, enabling them to navigate the complexities of today's educational landscape with confidence and creativity.

How Do We Do It?

Fueled with a design thinking methodology, we tackle challenges with creativity and precision, ensuring solutions are both innovative and practical. 

Our team comprises proven leaders in the field, whose expertise and experience guide every decision and strategy. Together, these elements form a comprehensive approach to professional development, designed to empower educational leaders and usher in a new era of excellence in education.

We offer uniquely different approaches: stand alone workshops, cohort model, coaching and networking.

Some of Our Offerings:
  • Feedback to maximize staff potential
  • Teaching for understanding
  • Effective Communication
  • Profile of a graduate
  • Administrator wellness & mental health
  • Artificial intelligence

Individual Workshops

Our stand-alone workshops offer targeted, intensive learning opportunities on specific topics, designed for immediate impact and application. These sessions are perfect for professionals seeking to gain new skills or insights within a short timeframe. Each workshop is crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, allowing participants to walk away with actionable strategies and knowledge. These workshops are approximately 3 hours and can be delivered in person or virtually.

Cohort Program

Introducing the Eduscape Cohort Program - a cutting-edge virtual learning experience designed specifically for administrators seeking to deepen their knowledge in specific subjects. Our program transcends geographical boundaries, welcoming participants from across the nation, yet we offer the unique flexibility to tailor a cohort exclusively for your district. Discover a new era of professional development with the Eduscape Cohort Program.


Learning Topics

  • Leadership for the future
  • Managing, motivating and keeping talent
  • The need for communication


  • 4-6 Weeks per module
  • 60 minute weekly sessions
  • Virtual

One-on-One Coaching

Our leadership coaching program is a personalized journey that provides a supportive and strategic partnership to enhance leadership capacity and effectiveness.  We also have a proprietary assessment tool, meticulously crafted to pinpoint areas for growth and opportunities for growth. 

 The purpose of this coaching is multifaceted:

  •  Skill development
  • Personalized feedback
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Problem-solving and innovation
  • Change management
  • Professional networking and resources
  • Work-life balance

One-on-one education leadership coaching is a customized, supportive, and strategic partnership that aims to enhance the capabilities of education leaders, thereby contributing to the overall improvement of educational institutions and outcomes for students.

Matthew Murphy

Matthew J. Murphy, Ed.D

Director of Leadership Programs

Dr. Murphy’s one-on-one coaching sessions can be conducted online or on-site and are scheduled at your convenience.

"In this ever-evolving educational landscape, the investment in our administrators is not just necessary; it's imperative. Our coaching is aligned with the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, applied leadership theory and best practice, and clearly articulated coaching goals."

EduLeaders Network

The EduLeaders Network offers a unique and interactive experience tailored for the enrichment of school and district leaders. This community operates through facilitated collaboration, ensuring participants can connect and grow together.

Every month, members convene online for a 55-minute session dedicated to professional development, collaborative problem-solving, and peer support. Each meeting is centered on a specific topic, reminiscent of a book club's focused discussions, fostering a deep and engaging learning experience.

  • Developing leadership capacity & skills
  • Enhancing student engagement
  • Catering to vulnerable learners
  • Planning impactful professional learning
  • Building collaborative structures 
  • Balancing support with rigorous instruction
  • Fostering a strong school culture
  • Leading school-wide changes

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