STEM Made Simple®

STEM doesn't start with a box or in a lab.  
Plan first, STEM second.

Create Enduring Mindsets for STEM Education

An Enduring Professional Development

Impact Daily Practice and Ongoing Pedagogy

The search for enduring STEM PD ends here.

More than a workshop, Stem Made Simple is professional development that extends into the daily practice of the classroom!

Begin today with an assessment of your current STEM initiatives.

Eduscape delivered and exceeded our expectations...Elaine and I finally found an organization that approaches professional development from a perspective that extends beyond workshops into daily practice and ongoing pedagogy.


Empowering Teachers as STEM Educators

STEM Made Simple provides custom solutions for your school community.

STEM Made Simple® is a comprehensive program for STEM education that provides customized solutions for your school community to design, implement and integrate STEM throughout the curriculum. The program allows you to build capacity and create a sustainable model for STEM education.
Successful STEM programs do not start by simply investing in boxes of products, nor by purchasing expensive labs with pre-packaged curriculum. The very essence of the STEM process is to enable open-ended design, engineering, and coding explorations by students that can be aligned across content areas; and, by empowering ALL teachers to be STEM educators.

The STEM Made Simple® Process

Integrate new STEM tools to support a multi-disciplinary program.

Assessment & Goal Setting 

The STEM Made Simple® program begins with an assessment of your current STEM initiatives. We work with your leadership team to develop a comprehensive STEM Plan by setting goals with specific milestones to take your program to the next level.

Professional Development

Teachers participate in a blended professional development program that combines self-paced eLearning, onsite workshops and live, virtual support as they guide students on their STEM journey.

Coaching & Modeling

Ongoing teacher support is available with onsite and/or remote e-coaching.


Our team then helps you implement the STEM Plan by aligning current resources and integrating new STEM tools to support a multi-disciplinary program.

Best-in-Class STEM Tools

The Eduscape team will recommend the highest quality STEM products that provide an integrated curriculum-based solution. We maximize a school’s investment by selecting complementary tools that provide added value with correlated lessons plans and activities. We can also integrate your existing tools where applicable.





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STEM Made Simple

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Begin today with an assessment of your current STEM initiatives.