Engaging Partnerships

Eduscape partners with leading organizations to deliver high quality professional learning for award-winning products and programs. We deliver the same research-based, innovative approach to our instructor-led, eLearning or blended models that you have come to expect.

Strategic Planning & Design With District Leaders

Eduscape is helping districts to Rethink Learning by serving as a partner in an effort to identify and solve educational problems that are impeding progress in our schools. In order to do that, we help districts focus on specific, identifiable problems, and providing research-based solutions that involve changes in practice and pedagogy for the entire instructional team. 

Innovative and Impactful Solution Partners

Eduscape is helping solution and product developers in the K-12 space to Rethink Learning by offering comprehensive, research-based professional learning to support their innovations. By combining the appropriate professional learning resources with high quality, engaging content, schools are able to constantly improve classroom learning and deliver results that make a difference for every student.

Solving The Most Pressing Challenges With Development Partners

Eduscape is bridging a path to classrooms by working with some of the world’s biggest and most important manufacturers of high-tech products and services. We are rethinking how learning takes place in K-12 schools by helping education leaders to access and leverage the resources of corporations and development partners from around the globe.

Learn, collaborate and innovate with Eduscape.

Eduscape partners with companies whose award-winning products need to be supported by the highest quality training and professional learning programs. Let's partner to provide lasting professional learning for the tools and resources that educators value most.

Product + Professional Learning

Whether your product(s) benefits from an instructor-led, eLearning or blended model; our team takes a methodical approach to learning everything there is know about your offering. We create engaging, high impact professional learning that will enhance your product sales and produces additional ROI.

Our Education Partners and Growing

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