October 13

Why I Chose an Internship with Eduscape


My time in the Eduscape internship program was one of the most beneficial experiences of both my academic and professional career. Not only did I receive invaluable mentorship from the team, but I gained a plethora of knowledge about the necessity and benefits of eLearning for educators. My understanding of the educational sphere grew ten-fold throughout my time with Eduscape, and I am beyond grateful for the skills I will carry with me throughout my career. 

From the beginning of the internship, the Eduscape team took me under their wings and soon became my greatest mentors. While this internship was held remotely, I felt no exclusion or distance from the team which was a common complaint I heard among my peers during their remote internships. I believe it is Eduscape’s ability to create an environment of genuine care in the online sphere that truly sets the company apart from other eLearning platforms. The team’s concern for authentic connections with learners stems from their first hand experience in the classroom. The collective knowledge of the team provided me with so much information, but also is a testament to the quality of content being provided on the company’s platform. This was a huge asset for me as I hope to follow in the footsteps of my mentors on the Eduscape team.

The experiences I had throughout this internship shaped the trajectory of my future significantly. Coming into this position, I had little to no pedagogical knowledge or practice beyond the curation of an independent lesson plan I developed in one of my college courses. The Eduscape team took a chance on me and saw my desire to grow my knowledge of the educational sphere. In the beginning, my skills were used to copy edit the company’s marketing pages and review lessons before publication. This editing experience was the perfect gateway into the world of eLearning as I began to understand strategic design elements of lesson planning and execution. Once I felt comfortable with the design process, I was trusted with the task of creating my own course. This was the perfect capstone project in the completion of my internship.

As my internship this summer came to a close, I was given the opportunity to continue working with Eduscape as I finish my senior year of school. Working at Eduscape is the perfect job for college students as the work actively expands the learning experience beyond the college classroom. The empathetic care of the Eduscape team also translates through their flexibility to work around the busy schedule of a student. Eduscape provides endless opportunities for growth both professionally and academically. Working for Eduscape has been so formative for me, and I recommend college students interested in the education sphere consider applying for the company. I am so eager to continue working with the amazing Eduscape team, and I hope other eager students will join us in our pursuit to produce the most effective eLearning for our learners!

About Christina Gutierrez

Cristina is an Associate on the Learning Team at Eduscape. She  is currently a senior at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study concentrating in historical narratives and transformative education. Before working for Eduscape, Cristina worked independently to create holistic lesson plans for high school history classes. Her passion for equitable and accessible education for all students inspire her research and work in the field, and she is eager to work with Eduscape as the company Rethinks Learning!



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