Transformation through
Professional Learning and Design.

Student achievement begins with a purpose-driven approach to curriculum, instruction and assessment.
Designing relevant and sustainable professional learning makes it possible.

Success through Professional Learning
is success across your entire institution.

  • Leadership Strategies
  • Policy & Practice
  • Curriculum Design
  • Learning Environment
  • Teacher Preparedness
  • Capacity Building
  • Learner Agency

Success by Design  through a holistic learning model.

Eduscape offers a blended and personalized Professional Learning framework that fosters true transformation through ongoing assessment, interactive workshops, one-on-one coaching, and integrated eLearning - all within a growing community of practice. 

Learning Topics

Relevant and effective Professional Learning aligned with all current and essential subjects.

Artificial Intelligence 

Discover the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence in education.

Leadership Development

Transformative Professional Learning for Leaders, designed by Leaders.

STEM Solutions

Customized STEM solutions for your community to design.


Unlocking the potential of robots in the classroom to solve existing challenges.

Classroom Technology

Leveraging state-of-the-art tools from EPSON, Google, and Microsoft. 

Immersive Learning

Design-based process to integrating AR/VR in a purpose-driven manner.


Discover how coding and robotics can align and be successfully implemented by any teacher.


Interactive training, resources, and collaborative opportunities to enhance teaching practices and pedagogical skills.

Classroom Management

A critical aspect of effective teaching and an essential component of student success. 

STREAM Implementation

Impactful planning, professional development and innovative tools aligned to Catholic identity.

Science of Reading

Expert eLearning that explores the foundations of literacy and language development.

Social Emotional Wellness

Skills students need to fully understand themselves and how they relate to the world.

ISTE Certification

Eduscape is the only privately-held ISTE Certification Authorized Provider.

Engaging Partnerships

Eduscape partners with leading organizations to deliver high quality professional learning for award-winning products and programs. We deliver the same research-based, innovative approach to our instructor-led, eLearning or blended models that you have come to expect. View Partnerships.

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