October 18

The Future Starts Now. In Your Classroom!


A Creative Way to Introduce Your Class to Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever thought that you actually shape the future of humankind? That you are changing the world almost every day by igniting kids’ curiosity and showing them a path to an inspiring future full of possibilities? If not, now’s the time!

We want to introduce you to a powerful tool that may seem like it belongs in a sci-fi movie. You and your class can be part of a revolution, the scale of which rivals the creation of the Internet a couple of decades ago. Yes, artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact is that kind of next revolution for our society. It is already present in almost every aspect of our lives and will be omnipresent soon.

With Photon’s soon-to-be released, first-of-its-kind AI Discovery Kit, students and teachers develop competencies through practical activities by constructing a cityscape and performing subsequent exercises. It’s a great opportunity to learn at an equal pace without being afraid of failure, as that is a crucial part of how AI is being built! Making mistakes in AI is a core element to understand its nature, proper data input, and biases.

Take this custom kit and engage with your class—the robot can transform into a smart cash register, a refrigerator, an autonomous vehicle, a police detective, or a chatbot. By performing custom-designed experiments, you will have an opportunity to explore the uses of the tested technology in your day-to-day life.

Integrating AI Into Realworld Scenarios

The kit is suitable for grades 1-5, with two development paths for grades 1-3 and grades 4-5. In one exercise, students will turn the Photon robot into a smart cash register that quickly and efficiently analyzes the contents of a shopping cart and calculates the products’ total cash value. To make this possible, students train the robot to recognize products available in the shop and assign them prices according to a prepared price list.

In another lesson, students learn how an autonomous vehicle works. Students turn the Photon robot into a delivery vehicle, planning a route and setting out to get all the required products. Students discuss several situations, incidents, and issues a vehicle may encounter on the road. They test how Photon uses sensors, and how it reacts to traffic jams, roadwork, or other real-life situations on the road.

How Understanding AI Intersects with Other Skill Sets

  • Creativity: Students develop their creative skills by adding different buildings and places to the model of the city and developing their original AI systems.

  • Mathematical Skills: Students improve their understanding of spatial relationships, perform mathematical operations in memory, and try to outpace the AI at calculating.
  • Computer Science Skills: Students develop coding skills by programming the robot’s actions and creating AI systems. In order to do that, they must first learn basic computer and programming skills.
  • Modern Job Market Skills: By learning how to program the robot and creating their own AI systems, students prepare for the modern job market in a fun, approachable manner.
  • Real-Life Applications: Students learn about a multitude of uses of AI in real life, such as supporting the daily lives of the visually impaired.

Using an innovative tool like the AI Discovery Kit can help you and your students re-engage in the classroom and learn about groundbreaking technologies that will help them think critically and problem solve. These skills can help them excel not only in your class but across their educational and professional lives.

It also allows you to gather innovative teaching competencies. Do you know any educator that knows how to teach about AI? You will be one of the few who are equipped not only to understand these essential concepts thoroughly but can also teach them!

So, are you ready to try? We’re here to give you a hand. You’re just one step away from becoming an AI Superhero in your school. Subscribe now to pre-order or to schedule the first ever consultation.

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