Discover how one Catholic School began its journey with STREAM innovation 

and is now setting the standard for Catholic Schools in the region.

Episode One: Inspire

Michelle Chimienti


How can you INSPIRE change in your school that leads to academic success for your students?

What solutions can you bring to your school to equip your students with 21st century skills?

Episode Two: Innovate

Breanna Becker

Assistant Principal

What does INNOVATION look like to you?

How can you IGNITE innovation in your school and improve student outcomes?

Episode Three: Implement


Saint David Catholic School

Assess: How are the educators in your school IMPLEMENTING innovation in their classrooms?

How can we prepare students to acquire the skills necessary to be college and career ready?

Episode Four: Invite

Community Members

Saint David Catholic School

How do you include the School Community with student progress and happenings?

What initiatives can you begin to INVITE your school community to “come and see” the student learning experience?

Featured STREAM Made Simple® School: Saint David Catholic School, FL

Saint David has partnered with Eduscape to implement the STREAM Made Simple® program, to give their students a well rounded academic foundation. Through the program, they were able to plan and reimagine their curriculum and approach to teaching.

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