Rethink Learning by developing your 

STEM Mindset.


Eduscape STEM professional learning help educators Rethink Learning by engaging with school communities to design, implement and integrate STEM across the curriculum. We help district and school leaders build capacity and create a sustainable model through STEM practices, cognitive development and pedagogical theories.

STEM Education

Successful STEM programs do not start by simply investing in boxes of products, nor by purchasing expensive labs with pre-packaged curriculum. The very essence of the STEM process is to enable open-ended design, engineering, and coding explorations by students that can be aligned across content areas; and, by empowering ALL teachers to be STEM educators.


A comprehensive program for STEM education that provides customized solutions for your school community.

A complete solution for teachers to learn how to increase student achievement through coding, computer science, and computational thinking.

Instruction, Pedagogy & Coaching 

Implement sound professional learning content, strategies and modeling of key topics and skills.

Photon Robotics

Photon is the world’s first robot that grows  with each student. Students develop their robots by solving tasks and experiments.

STEM Made Simple

STEM Made Simple is professional development that extends into the daily practice of the classroom!


In partnership with Eduscape, the STEM Certificate provides K-12 educators in all disciplines, school leaders and librarians with foundational STEM pedagogy and hands-on experience.

Let us help you Rethink Learning.

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