Northern Ingenuity: Innovators in STEM Fuel the Future in the Sahtu

by Erin Sailor, Director of Professional Development

This past month, I embarked on an unforgettable journey (eight airplanes!) to the breathtaking Sahtu Region in Canada's Northwest Territories. Our team had the privilege of kicking off a new partnership with the Sahtu Divisional Education Council to implement our transformational STEM Made Simple program!

Over two days, we collaborated with inspiring principals and school leaders. We delved into the core principles of STEM education, experienced a hands-on STEM lesson together, and brainstormed a vision for what STEM will look like in their schools, and across the Sahtu.

The focus? Fostering a love of inquiry-based learning and empowering students to become innovative leaders who can address the unique needs of their communities. This is especially relevant as the oil industry prepares to transition, presenting exciting opportunities for reclamation projects.

We discussed how STEM education aligns perfectly with the Sahtu's vision for future-ready learners. The energy and commitment of the Sahtu leaders were truly inspiring!

Our journey doesn't end here. Next steps include personalized planning with each school leader, followed by hands-on workshops and coaching for teachers to bring STEM to life in their classrooms. Stay tuned for future updates on this incredible partnership!

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