Innovative and Impactful Solution Partners

Solution Partners

Eduscape is helping solution and product developers in the K-12 space to Rethink Learning by offering comprehensive, research-based professional learning to support their innovations.  By combining the appropriate professional learning resources with high quality, engaging content, schools are able to constantly improve classroom learning and deliver results that make a difference for every student.

Powerful Learning for your trusted resources 

We must be constantly improving the instructional tools that are required to allow teachers to get results with the wide range of abilities and personalities that are found in today’s US  classrooms.  And as the students evolve and the tools are adapting, we must also invest in the training and support that teachers need to continue to use these tools effectively and get results.  To meet this challenge, Eduscape selects solution partners carefully and based on their commitment to teacher support and student performance.  Products that are provided as part of an Eduscape plan for success in a school or district must be research-based, with a track record of positive impact on teachers and students.  When we propose a product or service for implementation, we are confident we can provide the training teachers will need along with the content and engagement that students desire to achieve meaningful results. 

Learn, collaborate and innovate with Eduscape.

Eduscape partners with companies whose award-winning products need to be supported by the highest quality training and professional learning programs. Let's partner to provide lasting professional learning for the tools and resources that educators value most.

Product + Professional Learning

Whether your product(s) benefits from an instructor-led, eLearning or blended model; our team takes a methodical approach to learning everything there is know about your offering. We create engaging, high impact professional learning that will enhance your product sales and produces additional ROI.

Our Solution Partners and Growing

Photon Robotics

Photon is the world’s first robot that grows  with each student. Students develop their robots by solving tasks and experiments.


Google for Education provides tools designed to host and distribute digital documents, communication, and collaboration.


Epson’s line of BrightLink interactive projectors inspire learning by increasing student engagement and collaboration in the classroom.


Umety unlocks the power of immersive technology for practical, educational purposes. Students can experience their library of over 500 interactive, curriculum-aligned VR learning content.

School Day

School Day is a digital app that collects feedback from students on their well-being, providing a data-driven solution that informs social-emotional learning strategies.


Microsoft remains a global leader in the education market, with 46 percent of the global K-12 education OS market share. is an award-winning professional learning network that serves the global education community, providing free edWebinars and professional learning communities.


Siemens new web-based program introduces engineering in a fun and relevant way to inspire secondary school students to learn about the engineering field and how it impacts the world we live in.


The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a nonprofit organization that serves educators interested in the use of technology in education.


ClassVR, an all-in-one virtual reality technology tool, integrates state aligned VR/AR content across the curriculum to engage students in immersive learning experiences.

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