Empower Teachers With STEM Made Simple®

Rethink learning with STEM Made Simple®, a comprehensive program for STEM education that provides customized solutions for your school community to design, implement and integrate STEM throughout the curriculum, preparing students with the skills they'll need in the 21st century world they're inheriting. 

Beyond the lab, outside the box.

We want to better equip students with a diverse set of life skills necessary to develop solutions for today's challenges.  More than just a lab or a science curriculum, this is an integrated program for every classroom that provides impactful planning and innovative tools to implement a STEM mindset across every subject, discipline, and level of ability.

STEM Made Simple® is built on these beliefs:

  • STEM doesn't start with a box or a lab.
  • STEM is more than an acronym.
  • STEM is a mindset.
  • STEM is teacher designed.
  • STEM is student-driven.
  • STEM is essential for all learners.

What Education Leaders Are Saying...

C. Verrino, PhD and E. Alden, EDD
STEAM Coordinators, Lakeland Central School District, NY

“In a world of silver bullets, educators are surrounded by consultants who offer impressive products and deliverables, but typically lack the essentials for creating enduring mindsets of STEM/STEAM education. Having combined 44 years of classroom experience and 9 coaching, we finally found an organization that approaches professional development from a perspective that extends beyond workshops into daily practice and ongoing pedagogy.”

An integrated approach to STEM implementation.

STEM Made Simple® equips your entire Professional Learning Community to build capacity  and create a sustainable model for STEM education. 

    We work with your leadership team to develop a comprehensive STEM Plan by setting goals with specific milestones to take your program to the next level.
    Our team then helps you implement the STEM Plan by aligning current resources and integrating new STEM tools to support a multi-disciplinary program.
    Teachers participate in a blended professional learning program that combines self-paced eLearning, onsite workshops and live, virtual support.
    Our coaches will work with your team to model and support classroom instruction, provide best practices and engage staff in professional goal setting and monitoring.
    We recommend the highest quality STEM products and maximize a school’s investment by selecting complementary tools that provide added value. We can also integrate your existing tools where applicable.

DISTRICT PARTNER: Lakeland Central School District, NY

Lakeland Central School District established a STEAM Team in 2021 to lead STEAM innovation in the district. During the past year, educators learned, collaborated, and tested ways to seamlessly integrate STEAM into their classrooms. This year, the district's STEAM leaders established their second cohort that will embark on their STEAM professional learning journey, receive coaching support, and meet for hands-on learning experiences. Each cohort will have individualized learning opportunities as well as opportunities to share and collect best practices that can be utilized by all educators in the district.

Upcoming Events

Attend a STEM Made Simple® Summit, an all-day educational event where educators will learn ways to integrate STEM practices into every classroom, discover coding as a second language, explore best-in-class resources and engage in hands-on activities.  Join us and attend innovative breakout sessions to help you develop your STEM Mindset and begin to Rethink Learning.

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