The SEL Academy will transform mindsets about the relevance of social-emotional learning in the classroom and build learners’ capacity to intentionally align SEL strategies to classroom instruction.

Support All Learners' SEL Development

Social-emotional strategies for your school or district

Social emotional learning competencies are the skills students, and all humans, need in order to understand themselves and how they relate to the world around them. In order to support students in academic success and support the development of foundational skills needed in adult life, educational experiences need to address social emotional competencies.

Through Eduscape’s SEL Academy, you will create an action plan to support SEL in your classroom and refine the plan based on research and peer feedback.

SEL Academy - A Solution

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Phase 1:


Phase 2:

Set Up

Phase 3:

Professional Development

Phase 4:


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Program Outcomes:
  • Define and identify characteristics of SEL core competencies.
  • Connect pedagogical theories to instructional practices.
  • Identify appropriate SEL strategies to student needs.
  • Apply restorative justice circles to an SEL lesson.
  • Analyze how the Stages of Group development can be used to understand and respond to students' SEL needs.
  • Create an action plan to implement SEL strategies in the classroom.

SEL Academy Timeline

Week 1

  • School Needs Assessment
  • SEL Well-being Skills Assessment

Weeks 1 & 2

  • Assessment Tool Onboarding
  • Assessment Tool Launch
  • Assessment Tool Data Collection

Weeks 2-5

  • In-person or virtual professional development options available
  • Workshops include Introduction to SEL, Data Analysis, Data Driven Response (SEL Competencies), Practical Implementation, and Action Plan
  • Office hours and data-driven discussions incorporated

Week 6

  • Data Review
  • Revised Action Plan

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