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See for yourself that programming is not only an adventure for the youngest of students.


Impress your students!


Photon is not only a tool for conducting lessons with young students. During classes with a robot, students can develop their skills and implement created programs. As a result, they are better acquainted with the new technology and have the ability to learn scripting languages ​​used by professional programmers.

Show me how to use technology wisely


Robot operation is simple and intuitive, but thanks to integration with popular programming languages, it introduces students to a higher level of coding. Photon offers the opportunity to learn and use key programming languages ​​on the labor market. Students begin to understand how to use technology for their own purposes.

Greater challenges for students


The use of a physical robot enables the creation and implementation of much more complex tasks. Students will be able to create problem simulations, develop algorithms and logic for the robot, and then physically demonstrate whether their assumptions were correct.

Projects and inspirations


Specifically made for high school education, project sets have been developed to facilitate conducting classes. Teachers with prepared lessons will learn the advanced capabilities of the robot, while delving into the most common coding languages.

Use computers to work with Photon


Discover the possibilities of the Photon Magic Bridge application.

Azure IoT Hub



The most popular scripting language that allows both to learn the basics of programming and to create advanced code logic. Students develop the skill of multi-faceted reasoning, learn event programming, and at the same time shape the skill of teamwork. The Photon Magic Bridge application allows you to program up to 8 robots simultaneously.



Python is a universal programming language that professional programmers eagerly use. Students gain unlimited software development possibilities, extending Python’s basic functions with Photon support functions. They develop programming skills in the script language as well as creating advanced software using various systems (e.g. robot and keyboard, robot and data from the website, robot and artificial intelligence).

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub (Coming Soon)


Photon Magic Bridge enables two-way communication with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. It is possible to send data obtained from the robot sensors to the cloud architecture, process them in the cloud and send the response to the robot. This solution allows you to understand data science issues, develops the skills to create artificial intelligence, create modules in the cloud architecture and the ability to create advanced data processing systems at the industrial level.

Let’s summarize!


Photon in high school:

  • Advanced tools available such as JavaScript and Python.
  • Developing passion and building student engagement.
  • An approach to robotics and coding in a design way.
  • Compatible with devices available at school.

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