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See what Photon can bring to your class, not just programming.

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Photon – teacher’s assistant


Photon awakens the curiosity of students and motivates them to learn new technologies. Classes with Photon help teachers create educational situations conducive to building interest in programming and exact sciences.

It helps in the implementation of classes


Using Photon during class teaches students how to work in a group, arouses their curiosity and engages emotions. A rich set of scenarios are ready ideas for conducting classes. The robot is adapted to work both in early school education and in grades 4-8.

Don’t waste time on technical problems


Photon requires no configuration and can be operated by any teacher without prior preparation. The operation of the robot is intuitive, and the basic functions do not require technical training. Photon’s battery provides up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge. Thanks to this, instead of solving technical problems, you can focus on conducting classes.

A tool for modern education


Photon is compatible with devices available at school. You can use a tablet, smartphone, or computer to operate it. The Photon Magic Dongle makes it possible to program up to 8 robots from one computer using Scratch or JavaScript.

Programming in an elementary school


Develop your students’ talents.

Photon Blocks (7+)


This interface is for students who can already read. At this stage, they create complex operations and configure sequences using colored instruction blocks. Students develop analytical skills and learn to design complex program sequences using sensors. They will develop the skill of early error detection and optimization of written programs.

Photon Code (10+)


This is an introduction to real programming. The interface resembles classic console code. Students arrange blocks of text to create programs. As a result, they develop analytical skills and understanding of code structure and syntax in “real” programming.

Use computers to work with Photon


Discover the possibilities of the Photon Magic Bridge application.

Makey Makey

Programming the robot using Scratch


Photon is integrated with the most popular tool for learning programming in schools – Scratch. In addition to the standard possibilities offered by Scratch, the tool has been expanded to include blocks for issuing commands to Photon and readings from its sensors. It enables programming of up to 8 robots simultaneously.

Microsoft MakeCode & JavaScript


Microsoft MakeCode has two built-in programming modules – block-like, Scratch-like, and a JavaScript text editor. MakeCode can translate colored blocks into script code and vice versa. Students develop their creativity, multi-faceted understanding and the ability to cooperate. They learn programming in the script language as well as creating the same solutions in several possible ways, using different tools.

Integration with Makey Makey


The little inventor set and educational robot is a combination that will teach creative thinking. It can be used not only in technology, but also in physics when discussing current conduction issues.

Applications used in elementary schools

Photon EDU application


This application is dedicated to beginner (in programming) teachers. The application is combined with a ready-made base of scenarios adapted to specific age groups. Entering the code from the selected scenario gives access only to those functions that are needed for the given class. Photon EDU lets you create your own scripts.

Photon Coding application


This application is designed for teachers who already have programming experience. All functions are available without restrictions, so teachers can create their own scripts and lesson plans. It is possible to use Photon during other school activities (not only related to computer science).

Let’s summarize!


Use Photon in primary school:

  • Adapted to work at all stages of education.
  • Free access to class scenarios
  • Compatible with most devices available at school.
  • The most popular programming learning tools, integrated with Photon, collected in one application.

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