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School Day

Data-driven solutions for social-emotional learning

Measure the well-being of your teachers and students

Perfect for today’s challenging environment

When students are well, they learn best.

School Day is a digital app that collects feedback from students on their well-being, providing a data-driven solution that informs social-emotional learning strategies.

Available as an application, website or Microsoft Teams integration, School Day opens a communication channel between students and the school in order to address SEL needs, whether learning remotely or face-to-face.

Inspired by the ways educators foster community beyond the classroom, we have curated and embedded a set of research-based questions and built a model to support the well-being of students in a traditional, blended or remote learning situation.

  • How are your students feeling?
  • Are your students able to focus on schoolwork?
  • Are your students lonely, stressed or bored?

What Students and Teachers Say About School Day

Schools often rely on gut feeling and personal experience. With School Day, there’s easily available data that supports our interventions and discussions with students, teachers and parents.

Vice Principal

Helsinki, Finland

School Day’s service has already revealed blind spots I’ve had with my class. This information definitely supports my work and has supported class wellbeing.


Helsinki, Finland

School Day Supports All Classrooms

Support your students’ wellbeing, guide their social and emotional development, and stay connected.

School Days four areas of questions

School Day covers four well-being areas that are relevant when students study in the classroom or from home. It provides a tool for teachers to complete an emotional check and start a dialogue with students. 

Two cells phones show school days app screen

Students answer a few questions about their well-being and emotions daily. It takes just 30 seconds. The School Day App can be used to share information about well-being topics. 

Computer screen shows Teacher Insights for School Days app

Teachers get real-time analytics from School Day Insights. Starting from key indicators, they can check into specific areas and individual questions asked from students.

How does School Day work?

Create a sense of belonging among in-person and remote students and allow them to help build a better school day.

School Day is an AI-backed solution designed to empower education, providing unique possibilities for schools and districts to support leadership, make pedagogical decisions and enhance learning results.

School Day is easy, fun and engaging. It creates a sense of belonging and allows students to be part of building a better school day.

School Day promotes student welfare 

Daily check-ins with students through the School Day app allow teachers insight into student well-being.

School Day infographic
  • The Voice of Students—School Days supports and encourages students to express their feelings in a safe and anonymous environment.  
  • Real-Time Information—See the state and trends of your students’ well-being to support pedagogical decisions and teaching.  
  • Welfare Development—Identify areas of well-being that require development and utilize pedagogical content for development.  

Get Started Today with School Day

Collect feedback from your students to improve their well-being.