Improve student wellbeing with School Day.

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Rethink learning and the impact on student outcome with School Day SEL, a digital app that collects feedback from students and educators on their well-being, providing a data-driven solution that informs social-emotional learning strategies.

Feel better, learn better.
Feel better, teach better.

When students and teachers are well, they learn and teach best.


Impact learning by increasing student and teacher well-being with the School Day app. 

Weekly Feedback

Discover weekly trends in student well-being, class climate, and teacher stress. 

SEL Lessons

Easy-to-use feedback cards with recommended lessons and SEL discussion points.


SEL dashboards provide secure and anonymous data on four CASEL aligned topics. 

SEL App That Impacts Student Outcomes

School Day is a digital app that collects feedback from students on their well-being, providing a data-driven solution that informs social-emotional learning strategies.

With the new teacher well-being feature, you can now also survey your educators' emotional well-being.

Amplify Student Voice on Any Device

Available as an application, website or Microsoft Teams integration, School Day opens a communication channel between students and the school in order to address SEL needs, whether learning remotely or face-to-face.

Research-Based and CASEL Aligned

Inspired by the ways educators foster community beyond the classroom, we have curated and embedded a set of research-based questions and built a model to support the well-being of students in a traditional, blended or remote learning situation.

School Day promotes student welfare 

Daily check-ins with students through the School Day app allow teachers insight into student well-being.

The Voice of Students

School Days supports and encourages students to express their feelings in a safe and anonymous environment.  

Real-Time Information

See the state and trends of your students' well-being to support pedagogical decisions and teaching.  

Welfare Development

Identify areas of well-being that require development and utilize pedagogical content for development.  

How does School Day work?

Create a sense of belonging among in-person and remote students and allow them to help build a better school day.

School Day is an AI-backed solution designed to empower education, providing unique possibilities for schools and districts to support leadership, make pedagogical decisions and enhance learning results.

School Day is easy, fun and engaging. It creates a sense of belonging and allows students to be part of building a better school day.

  • Weekly Data Highlights for Strengths
  • Weekly Data Trends in Student Well-Being
  • Feedback Cards Provide Helpful Discussion Ideas
  • Monthly Focus Areas Provide Pre-Design SEL Lessons

SEL Data Dashboard

Weekly data dashboard for classrooms and campus-level school leaders that enables quick decision-making and access to easy-to-use resources.

School Day Supports All Classrooms

Support your students’ well-being, guide their social and emotional development, and stay connected.

4 Areas of Well-Being

School Day covers four well-being areas that are relevant when students study in the classroom or from home.

  1. Learning
  2. Social and Emotional Skills
  3. Social Relationships
  4. Well-Being

School Day provides a tool for teachers to complete an emotional check and start a dialogue with students.

2-Minutes Per Week

Students answer a few questions about their well-being and emotions each week. The School Day App can be used to share information about well-being topics.

  • Survey takes just 30 seconds.
  • 45 seconds to read feedback card.
  • 45 seconds to decide on a SEL discussion or lesson resource.

Real-Time SEL Data

Teachers get real-time analytics from School Day Insights. Starting from key indicators, they can check into specific areas and individual questions asked from students.

Classroom dashboards inform teacher decisions, and campus dashboards make it easy to find whole-school improvements and areas for growth.

Teachers Can Stay Connected

“The post pandemic repercussions will be felt for years to come in schools. It is urgent that school leaders use data to help inform the next steps. School Day is a wonderful tool that will help school leaders make informed decisions for the social emotional learning and wellbeing of their students"

Dr. Matthew M. Murphy, Superintendent of Schools, Ramsey, NJ


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Product rating by US
teachers this year

"School Day really helped me tailor lessons to my class's needs. It's helped them to identify areas to reflect on and problem solve ideas to help support each other as a classroom community. School Day has changed the way my students view each other and has helped build a strong classroom community.”

Roberta Thomas, 4th Grade Teacher, Arizona

"I was looking for another way to gauge my students' social-emotional wellbeing. School Day has given me specific lessons that relate to my student's current needs. It makes it easier to know which lessons we really need to practice and go over as a class. I love that the students are able to quickly do this assessment of how they feel. It is... [anonymous] so even my most private students are able and willing to share."

3rd Grade Teacher, Missouri

Students Can Give Honest Feedback

In the video above, a student describes how she uses School Day in her school. In her own words, "It's better to learn when you feel happy, than when we feel grumpy." She appreciates questions about how the school is doing, student hunger, and bullying. 

In the video above, you will hear a student explain how the School Day questions are easy to respond to using emojis in a Likert scale. He explains the anonymity is something that allows him to give honest feedback about his own learning and the teaching in the classroom.

“I like School Day because I feel like I can be honest about things I wouldn't normally answer to my classmates or teacher.”

K. Carreras, 4th Grade Student, Arizona

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