School Day and Eduscape Global Form North American Partnership for SEL Support

Shannon Stout
January 27, 2020

MONTVALE, NJ & HELSINKI, FINLAND – January 24, 2020School Day, developers of the award-winning application designed to help school leaders address student well-being and support social emotional learning has selected Eduscape as its North American partner.


Web-based application uses AI to support student well-being and social emotional learning

The founders of School Day recognized years ago that the lack of research-based resources and tools to support student well-being and social emotional learning is a global issue. Over 20 years of research and empirical studies have confirmed that students’ well-being and social supports in school are critical to their academic success (Konu and Rimpela, 2002). While educational leaders globally recognize the challenges, there have not been many reliable, data-driven tools to provide them the information to act proactively. School Day provides district leaders, principals and teachers with real-time information on the well-being of students and light-touch interventions for improving classroom well-being.


School Day applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to measure, analyze, explain and develop well-being solutions at schools. The model consists of five (5) categories that include a total of 31 well-being phenomena. Students respond daily to a selection of research-based questions on well-being, such as physical conditions or social relationships. School leaders can access this real-time, anonymous and constantly updated wellness data from the browser-based Insights website by logging in with their school-issued email address.


The ultimate mission of School Day is to support schools worldwide with a concrete AI-backed solution for enhancing student well-being and develop school culture. ​School Day offers a timesaving, easy-to-use tool for schools to monitor student’s well-being and provide advice from experienced educators on how to improve well-being. 


As the parent of three teenagers and youth sports coach for over 20 years, SEL and the well-being of students is especially relevant to my daily life. Despite decades of research, over the last few years the topic of SEL has dominated so many regional and national educational conferences, and board of education meetings. The challenges begin with how to be proactive and not just take preventative measures with professional development of teachers that we “hope” helps, but have limited data from which to assess specific issues. School Day provides a research-driven approach using AI in a meaningful way to provide school leaders with data-driven solutions. said Alex Urrea, Eduscape’s Founder Managing Partner.


The SEL market is replete with various models, professional development and curriculum solutions. Effective SEL and School Well-being however, does not happen with a “one size fits all” solution. Pre-packaged programs do not always account for the specific issues that a particular school may be experiencing. The School Day solution provides an ongoing feedback and information loop for school leaders to design and refine a proactive SEL and School Wellness Strategy for their stakeholders.


“Instead of simply treating the symptoms, school leaders can now address any issues in their school building with deliberate strategies. School Day provides a practical tool for SEL Planning that is customized to each specific school building. School leaders can actually lead and plan using real and actionable data instead of simply hoping they’ve covered an area of concern.” stated Urrea.






About School Day 

School Day, is a Finnish company specialized in well-being and SEL. It combines well-being research and knowhow with industry-leading AI to deliver easy-to-use pedagogical solutions that help students voice their thoughts, feel better and learn more effectively. We want every student to have his or her own voice as part of the well-being of the whole school community. At the same time, we will bring more positive interaction to school well-being. Our analytics enables early detection of well-being-related phenomena.


About Eduscape

Headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey with regional offices in Mississauga, Ontario and Guangzhou, China; Eduscape is the leading professional learning organization in the country. Its team of experienced educators has developed and delivered professional development to over 600,000 educators and school leaders. The organization’s expertise ranges from interactive technologies, classroom productivity applications to STEM Education and SEL. Eduscape is a Google for Education Training Partner, a leading Microsoft Global Training Partner and the only privately-held certified provider of the ISTE Educator Certification. Eduscape’s DC360 model helps schools manage the intersection of digital citizenship and social emotional learning issues. It has been selected by over 20 award-winning STEM product companies to develop their training academies.


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