A 3D Printer Built For Education: Safe, Smart, and Simple

Robo Academy enables teachers to utilize Robo printers to integrate 3D printing into lessons to engage students in immersive learning experiences. Teachers will be able to prepare 3D printing lessons to enhance student learning.

Robo Jumpstart

Learn to use your Robo 3D printer to create basic designs using TinkerCAD, a free web based design program. Set up and use the Robo 3D printer to create your own 3D object. Learn how to troubleshoot design or printer challenges that you may experience. Explore Robo’s “My STEM Kits” curriculum.

Designing with TinkerCAD

In this workshop, create your own simple 3D designs with Tinkercad and print them on Robo. Export your files so they can be 3D printed or imported into Minecraft.

Taking TinkerCAD to the Next Level

Want to take your 3D design skills to the next level? Learn to move from simple 3D designs to the more complex. In addition to advancing your 3D creation
skills, develop a challenge to bring back to your students.

Designing 3D Projects for the Classroom

Robo printers help students apply design thinking challenges. This workshop will guide educators through the process of designing 3D Projects for the classroom. Explore how the engineering design cycle can be incorporated into lesson plans along with project or problem based learning. Test your project by creating a possible solution and develop it from a 3D design to a real world print.

Coding with TinkerCAD

Did you know that you can code with TinkerCAD? Explore how to use the new Codeblocks built into TinkerCAD to create 3D objects with code. Design a challenge for your students to create their own 3D creations with code.

From Minecraft to the Real World

Minecraft can be brought into the real world. Design and build a structure in Minecraft to export to the 3D printer. Bring your creativity into Minecraft to explore real world applications and problem solving. This workshop focuses on creativity, real world application, and problem solving.

Engineering Design with Robo

Utilize your Robo 3D printer to build and program a robot. 3D prints can be combined with robotics kits to create your own custom robots. Using the design process create a robot. Program him to perform the desired actions.

The Robo E3 new generation smart 3D printer with Wi-Fi is built for classrooms by providing safe, smart and easy-to-use features — equipped with a fully enclosed structure and HEPA filter for safety, a 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inch print space, a quick removable nozzle, heated print bed, and much more! The Robo E3 also comes complete with a MyStemKits Starter Plan allowing you to 3D print up to 20 K-12 STEM lessons. When you want to make it real – make it Robo