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Photon Robot


Photon is the world’s first robot that develops and grows with each student. The dedicated free apps enable students to learn coding in a constructive manner.



Students love to learn by experimenting and trying new things. Photon allows them to learn on their own. The robot is an interactive teacher helping kids discover coding, mathematics, biology and more in an inspiring way!



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Product contains:

  • Photon robot
  • MicroUSB charging cable
  • Set of stickers
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Mobile application access


What would you need to start:

  • A mobile device
  • One of Photon’s free apps


Technical features:

  • Up to 8 hours of play on a single battery charge
  • Charging via microUSB
  • Dimensions: 6.78 x 6.70 x 7.49 (inches)
  • Weight: 24.34 oz (1.52 lbs)
  • Compliance (CE, RoHS, EN-71)


Why Photon?

  • 5+ Continents
  • 700+ Educational institutions
  • 100+ Scenarios
  • 20+ Cities across Europe
  • Accessibility
  • 70,000+ students



Photon Magic Bridge is an application that allows to operate with up to 8 Photons from each computer in the classroom and integrate with an interactive whiteboard.

Compatible with:

  • Microsoft MakeCode
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Scratch
  • Azure IoT Hub (Coming Soon)

World-Class educational robot for children

What is Photon?

An interactive educational robot that introduces children to the world of new technologies through experiences and experiments.

What does it do?

Photon supports children in developing the basic skills of modern times. It helps them develop creativity, improve their logical thinking abilities and learn the basics of programming.

Who is it intended for?

Photon has been created for children of all ages. The control is tailored to the different stages of children’s development and their perception abilities. Applications have 4 interfaces that enable learning for kids aged from 5 to 12.


Photon develops with your child

Photon is designed for learning at home and school, where children develop their robots by solving tasks and experiments. All tasks and experiments are based on a story in which users help Photon to explore our world.

Photon’s skills are closely related to the child’s progress. When we pull the robot out of the box … it can not do anything at all. Children must help him learn everything from scratch – how he moves, what colors he has and how he interacts with the environment using various sensors.


Learn more about Photon

Photon is not a toy in the classic sense. Despite its small size, it has 10 sensors that allow Photon to interact with its surroundings. For example, Photon can react to, for example, touch, light, obstacles or sound. Photon can be programmed in thousands of ways! The only thing that limits fun with Photon is the creativity and imagination of the child. Learn more here.

Weight 54 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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