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Special Education Teaching Kit

The Special Education Kit is the world’s first teaching kit designed to work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as emotional and social disorders. Its authors are teachers and therapists, who work with children with special educational needs daily and are passionate about technology. Photon plays the role of a student’s companion, a guide in the world of confusing social norms and other everyday challenges. The robot can surprise, entertain, and motivate students to give their best.

Grade Levels: PreK - 6th Grade

All a teacher needs in one box

  • Photon Robot
  • An educational mat (storytelling)
  • An educational mat (grid)
  • 50 lesson plans
  • Flashcards (5 sets) 
    1. Pictograms and Alternative Communication (AAC)
    2. Emotions, Objects and Activities
    3. Symbols Used in Our Application
    4. Alphabet and Numbers
    5. Directions, Shapes and Colors

The exercises are grouped into several areas, and therapists can carry them out in the suggested order or independently, depending on the needs of each student.

The kit is suitable for kindergarten, early elementary, and grades 4-6. Educators and therapists can freely adjust the exercises to the needs of a given student, focusing on developing skills and strengthening the areas they consider key. With 50 fully developed lesson plans, teachers can:

Support Students' Emotional Development

Support students’ emotional development by enabling students to identify their emotions and helping them understand how they affect their behavior.

Help develop communication skills

Help develop communication skills using the included AAC communication system cards and flashcards.

Support balanced development

Support balanced development through activities and methods adapted to their individual needs, abilities, and limitations.

Increase focus and engagement

Increase focus and engagement thanks to the interdisciplinary Photon robot and engaging exercises that activate the left and right brain hemispheres.

What does a typical lesson look like?

The materials in the kit allow teachers to conduct group and individual classes. The activities can be used as additional ideas for playing with students or as ingredients for creating customized lesson plans. All activities are grouped into several areas and, depending on the needs of each student, can be used either in the suggested order or independently. The box contains one robot, a set of 50 activities, and other accessories. The activities consist of programming the robot’s movement, the color of its feelers, and the sounds it makes in a particular situation. Using the robot is easy and intuitive and requires no previous experience in programming.

Exercises supporting development

The kit contains 50 exercises that include:

  • 30 exercises for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder grouped into three areas: communication, cognitive, social.
  • 20 exercises for improving social-emotional skills

The suggestions in the kit are applicable for individual and group work. Exercises can be used independently for playing with students or as elements for creating lesson plans.

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