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Robotics & Coding Teaching Kit

The Robotics & Coding Kit is a ready-to-use set of scenarios and accessories to conduct exciting and engaging computer science classes at the high school level. Take advantage of the possibility to integrate the Photon Robot and the BBC micro:bit mini-computer and show your students the fascinating side of programming and robotics!

Grade Levels: 9th - 12th Grade

All a teacher needs in one box

Dedicated App: The app makes teaching easy for teachers and allows them to program the Photon robot and Micro:bit microcontroller simultaneously in a single window.

  • Photon Robot (x2)
  • Photon Magic Dongle (x2)
  • BBC micro:bit v2 (2pcs.)
  • 2x USB A – microUSB cables (short)
  • 2x USB A – microUSB cables (long)
  • 1x microUSB – microUSB OTG cable (short)
  • 1x microUSB – microUSB OTG cable (long)
  • 2x micro:bit mount (attachable to the robot)
  • 2x AAA battery box + batteries
  • 2x Neodymium magnet

What does a typical lesson look like?

Students can work in pairs or groups, depending on the number of stations available. Students can exchange available hardware for program testing. The kit allows for the creation of custom programs in Python and JavaScript. The combination of robot and microcontroller technology allows wireless and serial communication between devices.No device connection is needed for the application to run

Practical teaching aids

The kit includes 16 projects for classes – each of them provides a unique project that enables students to create a new device, as well as acquire valuable knowledge about the use of similar technologies in everyday life. The materials are available in PDF format can be easily printed at any time. You can find all the materials in the Photon Magic Bridge app after logging in to the appropriate account.

Ready-made lesson plans (16) that are fully compatible with the core curriculum and can be easily implemented in the classroom.

Communication between devices

The kit provides a high degree of flexibility in teaching and freedom to create unique projects. Micro:bits and robots can be used separately, as well as integrated together. Depending on your needs, the micro:bit interface can be powered by an external battery or directly through a socket in the robot. The micro:bit and the robot can communicate through a serial port (a cable).

Educational materials: list of the projects included in the kit

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