The fascinating
world of physics

Physics Teaching Kit

We know teachers often lack the right tools to engage children properly in their physics classes. Getting the essence of amazing physical phenomena and boring theory at the same time is difficult. With the Photon Physics kit, your students will have an excellent opportunity to rediscover the world of experiments and enjoy hands-on activities. Inspire your students and show them the most exciting side of physics!

Grade Levels: 7th - 9th Grade

All a teacher needs in one box

Dedicated App: The app makes teaching using robots and the included lesson plans very easy. It doesn’t require knowledge of the fundamentals of robot programming – it has been designed so that any teacher will be able to carry out all the experiments “with one click”.

  • Photon Robot (x2)
  • Photon Magic Dongle
  • 10 lesson scenarios
  • Dynamometer (x2)
  • Caliper (x2)
  • Tape measure (x2)
  • Weights (10 x 100g)
  • Ruler (x2)
  • A stopwatch
  • A flashlight
  • A magnifying glass
  • Harness (x2)

What does a typical lesson look like?

The Physics teaching kit facilitates teaching of physics in grades 7-8. It includes a set of original lesson scenarios, practical accessories, and a dedicated app – so that any teacher is able to conduct experiments “with a single click”. The kit with the Photon Robot allows students to explore the world of physics through unconventional and exciting experiments, increasing engagement and enhancing learning.

Practical teaching aids

With the Photon Physics Kit, students have the chance to bring together theory and practice. The Photon Robot allows students to learn about the world and the key principles of physics through interesting experiments in an exciting way. As a result, the children are more engaged and learn more effectively. They learn how to work in a group, where the tasks assigned to individuals impact the entire team’s success later.

Topics covered in the Physics Kit

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