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Artificial Intelligence Discovery Teaching Kit

Artificial Intelligence is one of the world’s most important and fastest-developing contemporary technologies. By introducing the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) at an early age, we are providing children with the knowledge that will give them a significant advantage in both their personal and professional lives.

With the Photon AI Discovery Kit, you can easily introduce this concept in any educational institution.

Grade Levels: 2nd Grade - 7th Grade

All a teacher needs in one box

Dedicated AI App: To help teachers introduce students to the new subject, artificial intelligence, we have developed a dedicated app for mobile devices and computers. The app contains several classes and activities divided into 3 categories: Knowledge, Teaching AI, and Experiments.

  • Photon™ Robot for Education
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Lesson plans – Path 1
  • Lesson plans – Path 2
  • Smart City Educational mat
  • A set of interactive accessories (smart city elements and mock-up buildings):
    • Building models
    • Building front signs (magnetic)
    • Roadblocks
    • Traffic light models
    • Cutout models of people
    • Fridge mock-up
    • Food and produce cards
    • Tic-tac-toe game board
    • Magnetic tic-tac-toe game elements
    • Accessory holders
  • Tablet/smartphone mount

The Photon AI Discovery Kit is the world’s first complete teaching kit that introduces students to the fascinating world of AI.

Teaching resources

This kit is divided into two learning paths, each consisting of 10 lesson scenarios with dedicated activities.

  • Path 1 – for children aged 7-9,
    90-minute classes.
  • Path 2 – for children aged 10-12,
    45-minute classes.

What does a typical lesson look like?

Students use numerous elements that come with the AI kit to create a smart-city model. Over time, they expand their design by adding more buildings and features that the Photon Robot can recognize and interact with.

Project-based learning

The activities in the AI kit rely on a project-based working method, where the knowledge gained from previous classes is applied in the ones that follow. The kit helps expand the smart city with new elements and features in subsequent classes so that students improve and gain new skills regularly.

Introduce your students to the concept of a smart city

With the help of the robot and our app, students will learn how AI recognizes colors, shapes, and objects, how smart checkouts identify products and calculate the value of a shopping cart, and how autonomous vehicles find their way around a city.

Use of interactive magnetic accessories

The set offers interactive elements such as mock-ups of buildings (stores, stalls or public buildings), produce (e.g. fruits, vegetables) and people or equipment (e.g. refrigerator). Many elements have magnetic attachments, making it easy to mount the mock-ups in a school environment

List of topics covered in the AI Discovery Kit

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