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Integrate robotics into open-ended teaching of any subject.


Engage and teach students coding at earlier points in education.


Discover the basics of programming and explore more advanced topics.

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Discover the magic of modern education. 

Photon is the most technologically advanced educational robot available on the market. It has a whole range of interactive sensors, making it a great teaching tool and perfectly diversifies classes. It is extremely durable and ready to use right out of the box.

Focused on Learning.

Perfect for both younger and older students. 
Photon is able to be used in every stage of education. Teachers can use specially prepared class scenarios to introduce students to the basics of programming or take advantage of more advanced opportunities thanks to the applications available.

Group Work & Logical Thinking.

Teaches group work and develops logical thinking. 
The robot in connection with the scenarios is adapted to conduct group activities. The element of creativity in class helps students develop the critical thinking and collaboration skills they need to succeed in the future.

Why Photon?

Photon is a robot for Pre-K-12 students with lessons that help them re-engage and re-connect. 

  • Can be used for any classroom
  • incorporate social-emotional learning tools for all types of learners
  •  spark interaction and engagement in STEM
  • Create a robust robotics program
  • Artificial Intelligence: Photon progresses with students through each grade level and teaches them coding skills

Photon is robust because it lets students engage at their own level and in their own way, but also ensuring there are opportunities for problem-solving in every interaction. Whether it’s a preschooler acting out the program as he’s programming or a middle school student wanting to make Photon do a dance complete with color changes and loops in the programming, students jump into thinking with Photon within 30 seconds of being introduced to it, and they can all learn something in a short time by interacting with it.

students jump into thinking with Photon within 30 seconds

Dr. Chandra Orrill

Director of the Kaput Center
UMass Dartmouth

Photon Teaching Kits

Photon Special Education Kit

This kit consists of 50 games intended for pedagogical therapy classes and remedial classes with children from this group.

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Photon Physics Kit

This kit makes it easier to conduct physics classes for students aged 12–14.

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Photon Sustainable Energy Kit

This kit includes 10 lesson scenarios for working with students as part of lessons or extracurricular activities. 

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Photon Social-Emotional Learning Kit

This kit includes includes teacher-led exercises for the social-emotional development of children (including post-
Covid-19 activities).

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Photon AI Discovery Kit

This kit is a ready-to-use solution dedicated to educators who would like to introduce their students to artificial intelligence technology.

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Photon Early Education Kit

This kit is designed for the comprehensive development of the youngest students.

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Photon Robotics & Coding Kit

This kit includes scenarios and accessories to conduct engaging computer science classes at the high school level using Photon and the BBC micro:bit mini-computer.

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Ignite Student Engagement

Photon is More Than a Robot. Photon is an
engaging learning ecosystem.

Social and Emotional Learning, Robotics, 
Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Content Integrations,
and More.

Photon Features

Photon is an educational robot for home or the classroom. It helps children learn problem-solving, programming, and other STEM-related skills with integrated sensors, encoders, accessory mounts, and smart intelligent programming features.

Labeled Photon Model Side View
Photon Product Image Front View

integrate coding and robotics into any grade and any subject


Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Northgate School District, PA

We used to think that we needed a different robotics coding solution for every grade level or range. Photon provides the kind of flexibility that allows us to integrate coding and robotics into any grade and any subject. Even teachers who are apprehensive to use technology have found Photon to be just as friendly to use as its looks suggest. Photon has allowed us to be creative in designing assessments that not only meet the standards of the subject but integrate the STEM principles that we sometimes struggle to integrate across the curriculum.

Photon integrations

Photon integrates with many software systems.

Additionally, Photon is compatible with Windows, Mac iOS, Chromebook, and Android.  

The robot allows educators to carry out both general early-school classes as well as specialized technical subjects and computer science.

Separate applications and methodological housing were prepared for each stage of education.

Graphic showing awards Photon received

Photon wins awards 


When creating a great product for students, every detail matters. Photon is the world’s first robot that develops and grows with each student.

Photon provides an engaging way to teach students coding as early as Pre-K to middle school and beyond.

Coding teaches students skills that transfer to other areas: Collaboration, Problem Solving, Computational Thinking and Creativity.

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