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Early Education Teaching Kit

Introducing robots to early learners can be fun and rewarding for both teachers and students. The Early Ed kit was developed to improve skill acquisition in key developmental areas covered in Pre-K through first grade. The materials are specifically dedicated to students aged 3-6. Making the robot a “permanent student” in your kindergarten classrooms will create a multitude of opportunities for cross-curricular learning and exploration.

Grade Levels: Pre K - 1st Grade

A comprehensive toolkit of expert-designed resources to captivate your students and create engaging learning experiences

Photon Early Education Kit

Dedicated App: The app makes teaching using robots and the included lesson plans very easy. It doesn’t require knowledge of the fundamentals of robot programming – it has been designed so that any teacher will be able to carry out all the experiments “with one click”.

  • Photon robot (1)
  • Educational mats (plain grid and alphabet, digits, and shapes - 24 fields, 4x6')
  • 50 lesson plans and worksheets
  • Cards and flashcards (includes alphabet, digits, shapes and symbols used in Photon app)
  • Educational Cube (a soft sponge customizable cube that can be used with flashcards or student-created cards)
  • Play/Counting sticks (improve counting skills and make geometric shapes)
  • Rubber wristbands (use to teach left and right, or divide students into groups)

The Early Education Kit has been designed by educators to address a range of developmental milestones typically achieved by young learners in pre-K, kindergarten and first grade. The skills that are addressed include:

Cognitive Development

Activities in the kit help the children to learn about colors, shapes, and letters. They will also learn about ecology, weather, and days of the week.

Emotional Development

The kit supports emotional development by naming and mimicking selected emotions, learning about empathy, and ways of coping with difficult emotions.

Social Development

The resources in the kit allow for learning about social norms, being polite, and behaving in difficult or stressful situations.


The exercises in this Kit support physical development through physical activities, dancing, and gross motor skills development, e.g., building obstacle courses for the robot, racing with the robot, and much more.

All lesson plans and teaching resources in the kit are fully adapted to the age and skills of students in terms of methodology and content.

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