Photon Enhances Coding Across the Curriculum with New Teaching Kits

Shannon Stout
August 24, 2021

MONTVALE, NJ ( August 24, 2021) - Eduscape, the leading professional learning organization in the US, is expanding its partnership with Photon to bring Photon Teaching Kits to educators throughout North America.

Photon is not just a robot, it is a complete solution for teachers, with no coding experience, to increase student achievement through coding, computer science, and computational thinking. The Teaching Kits create a learning ecosystem, and content areas include: SEL, Special Education, Early Education, AI Junior, Sustainable Energy, Coding & Robotics, and Physics.

“In the Computational Thinking Counts in Elementary Grades project funded by the NSF, we chose Photon as one of our main technologies. It was an easy choice for us as Photon is both inviting and powerful. Hesitant teachers and students can be drawn in by its engaging features, so everyone can learn Computational Thinking by using Photons. They provide a friendly way to engage teachers and students in programming and problem solving,” stated Dr. Chandra Orrill, Professor - STEM Ed & Teacher Development at UMASS Dartmouth.

Content areas

The Social-Emotional Learning Kit features a set of activities to support the social-emotional development of children and help students engage in dedicated activities, learn more effectively, and gain new skills.

The Sustainable Energy Kit includes lesson scenarios that help develop environmental awareness and sensitivity, demonstrate positive models and behaviors, and motivate students to take pro-environmental actions.

The Special Education Kit was created to provide a resource where learners can receive remedial therapy and support in a small group setting.

The Physics Teaching Kit contains lesson plans, dedicated accessories, and a bespoke app for any teacher to carry out engaging scientific experiments with a single click.

The Robotics & Coding Kit is a ready-to-use set of scenarios and accessories to conduct exciting and engaging computer science classes at the high school level.

Additional kits for Early Education and AI Junior are coming soon, with developmentally appropriate activities that support the social and cognitive skill development of preschoolers, and ready-to-use lessons where students can begin to develop their understanding of Artificial Intelligence.

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