Professional Learning tailored for Districts, Schools and Organization Partners.


Education in the United States is one of our most important assets, and also one of the most challenging when it comes to navigating the many stakeholders.  Whether it is partnering key constituents at the building level (principals, teachers, students and parents, or connecting with community leaders (superintendents, school boards, city leaders, business leaders and religious leaders) who also play a major role, working with schools takes time, energy and patience.  But more than anything, it requires being present and working closely with local leaders.  Because at the end of the day, educating young people is one of the most important things we do, and it is intensely personal and local for everyone involved.  This is why Eduscape works hard to have a local presence with the schools and districts we serve, through our team and our education partners.

A Common Vision for Learner Success

Eduscape partners with school districts, platform and product solutions and corporate entities to leverage our instructional design and delivery that yields learner engagement and successful implementation. Learn how we partner with educators and solution providers to deliver, create and engage meaningful teaching and learning.

District Partners

Eduscape partners with district to identify focus areas for improved performance. Working in partnership with a school district, together we align professional learning to the district strategic plan and design a support system that assesses the need of teachers, implements teaching and learning strategies and provides continuous support with a community of practice and data analysis to determine the impact. Learn more.

Solution Partners

We partner to improve the implementation of instructional tools that are required to allow teachers to get results with the wide range of abilities and personalities that are found in today’s US  classrooms. From Google Workspace, to Microsoft Office 365, Canvas and much more, learn how we can ignite learning with your tools and resources. Learn more.

Development Partners

When the world’s largest high-tech companies want to reach teachers and students in the US, they look for a partner who can help them translate the critical elements of their business into  engaging and memorable learning experiences. Educape partners with leading corporations to design, deliver and enable professional learning with research-based instructional design. Learn more.

The first step in becoming a partner is to send us a message.