We believe in purposeful and intentional Learning.

Our Approach

Eduscape is a company built by educators for educators, driven by the idea that we must 'Rethink' how learning takes place in US classrooms. Rethinking Learning only happens when we reimagine the roles of teachers and students in the learning process, and arm them with the knowledge and tools to play their 'new” roles. Eduscape is a social innovation company dedicated to developing and implementing effective solutions to challenging and systemic issues that elevate the educational experience for all learners.

Our Mission: Empower educators to unlock the potential of every learner.

Eduscape brings quality and consistency to professional learning by designing content that uses research-based practices and encourages teachers to adopt an intentional continuous improvement approach in their classrooms.

Wherever a teacher goes within their Eduscape learning journey, they find content that will encourage them to follow the Plan/Do/Study/Act model.  There is nowhere else in K-12 professional learning where school leaders and their teachers can find an offering more comprehensive and consistent in its approach. 

Eduscape helps schools to Rethink Learning by using the same principles that drive effective classroom instruction in our approach to training teachers.  When the model is applied, students respond and great learning happens!

Intentional and Engaging Professional Learning

Eduscape meets educators where they are and provides a personalized path to professional learning need based on an intentional and process-driven model that identifies the just-right teaching and learning supports for every teacher, administrator, school and organization. Each learning experience with Eduscape follows a consistent process for assessing, learning, collaborating and analyzing growth. Eduscape offers onsite, hybrid or eLearning options.

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Assess Educator Professional Learning Need

Learner Assessments - gathering data on where teachers and school district leaders are starting their journey, which allows Eduscape and our support team to design individualized learning paths for every teacher/district (we are using the same methodology to teach teachers that is being used to “Rethink Learning” for students.

Data-Driven Learning

Take assessments in a variety of educational disciplines to receive personalized recommendations and monitor your growth over time!

Assess your pedagogical and technical knowledge and skills to receive recommendations 

Monitor your progress and choose professional learning based on your needs

Access all your professional learning artifacts in your personalized Learning Dashboard

Provide Learning Content & Knowledge

Professional Learning Content - Learning paths with courses that challenge teachers to think differently and create approaches to content that inspire student learning and creativity; share insights into depth of knowledge and resources; share mix of delivery (F2F, hybrid, online, district selections, white label, individual)

A Blended Approach

eLearning or In-person Workshops & Coaching

Engage in learning asynchronously or synchronously with eLearning courses and virtual or in-person professional learning workshops.

Standards-aligned content

Effective instructional design for adult learning

For foundational and transformative practices

Develop a Community of Practice

Engaging in theory or teaching practice is enhanced through deeply-rooted communities of practice and collaboration among peers. Educators that engage in online course content have opportunities to join the myEduscape community and form to share best practices, lesson study and application of professional learning in the classroom.


Share with and learn from other education professionals through myEduscape Community.

Deepen understanding by collaborating with other professionals

Share resources, artifacts and questions

Participate in discussions by course, topic, role and more!

Analyze & Reiterate for Improved Teaching & Learning

Analytics on the investment being made in the area of professional learning for teachers and their progress is available within the myEduscape platform. These data provide school leaders and administrators with an understanding of the support that is being implemented, and the progress being made in identified areas of improvement. These tools and data are also available to help leaders better communicate program effectiveness and investments with principals, parents, community members and  key stakeholders.

Informed and Intentional

Utilize the data analytics and professional learning dashboard reports to better understand the impact on teaching and learning.

Identify adoption, success rate and impact on improved growth over time

Monitor  progress and determine professional learning based on your needs

Access all your professional learning impact from personalized Learning Dashboard

The Eduscape Team takes a purpose-driven approach to making this a collaborative and seamless experience for every learner. You're invited to contact us for inquiries about our services.

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