January 12

New Year, New Opportunities


2020 was challenging on so many levels, but the bright spot has been witnessing the strength and resilience of educators across the country who have worked tirelessly to make sure their students have as little disruption to their learning as possible. We’ve enjoyed the feedback from teachers that are using new techniques to connect with their classes. 

New concepts like bitmoji classrooms, in-home gym classes and virtual staff meetings have become the norm. However, there are still challenges facing teachers that have less obvious solutions.

With the start of the new year comes the opportunity to assess the strategies you’re currently using and decide what would make you and your school more successful.

How can Eduscape help? We’re constantly revamping our offerings to make sure we’re covering the latest and most pressing needs of teachers and schools.

  • Remote SchoolWorks – A professional development program developed and delivered by experienced educators to maximize success in hybrid and remote learning.
  • STEM Resources – STEM Made Simple® is an extensive program for STEM education that provides customized solutions for your school community to design, implement and integrate STEM throughout the curriculum.
  • Google Admin Console Audits – Comprehensive review of your Google Admin Console, with recommendations based on the needs of your school and best practices.
  • SEL Strategies – Workshops, webinars, summits and tools to help enhance student wellbeing for better learning results.

Eduscape is an IE company, committed to driving Innovation in Education. Our mission is to rethink learning by designing solutions that inspire inquiry, creativity and collaboration. We have a collective belief that simply learning the tools is not enough to transform learning with technology, we must focus on curriculum and enable educators to rethink their teaching strategies with thoughtful support and tools.

As always, we’re thankful for all of the teachers, administrators and support staff that continue to go above and beyond for their students, and we are here to help you thrive in 2021!

Alex Urrea
Founder and CEO


Remote Learning

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