Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI) and Intervention helps children with autism and other special needs learn and grow by connecting with them in a way that's nonjudgmental and simpler than direct human interaction. Discover how MOVIA leverages robotics to empower ALL students to learn and thrive. This interactive webinar explores the exciting world of Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI) for students with autism and special needs. You'll discover how RAI can:

  • Boost social skills and communication
  • Enhance academic engagement and achievement
  • Create personalized learning experiences

Learn practical strategies to integrate RAI seamlessly into your classroom, fostering inclusive environments that cater to individual student needs. Discover how collaboration is key to successful RAI implementation, empowering you to unlock student potential and revolutionize special education!


Learner Outcomes

Critically analyze the benefits of RAI for students with autism and special needs

Develop practical lesson plans that integrate RAI technologies, tailored to individual student needs

Craft strategies for implementing RAI collaboratively within your school community for holistic student development

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Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI) for Special Education


"Just a few weeks from starting this program, it has been such a positive experience to see my neurodiverse learners interacting with this robot assisted instruction in all different ways. The increase in joint attention and engagement during therapy sessions, especially near the end of the school year, is wonderful to observe. It’s a new tool that I’m excited to have in my school based therapy regimen."
-T. Lashley
School-Based OT and SPED Consultant
Fairlawn Public Schools (NJ)

"My son with moderate Autism (limited language) has really thrived using RAI by MOVIA. He loved it from the first moment. He was so engaged and connected and learned so much in really a short amount of time."

-K. Gonzalez
Autism Hope Alliance


Alex Urrea

CEO & Founder,


Alex started his career as a Physics teacher and has been leading educational organizations for over 25 years. He has founded two professional learning organizations focused on empowering educators to unlock the potential of every learner. Alex consults with leading education companies and nonprofits on strategy and execution to impact K-12 education. He is President of an educational foundation that has grown more than tenfold under his leadership, and Chairman of a nonprofit foundation focused on mental wellness for children. Alex has a BS in Physics, a MSc in Econometrics and Financial Engineering and a MS in Instructional Design.

Erin Sailor

Director of Professional Development,


Erin began her career as a Teach for America corps member in an integrated co-teaching setting as a special education teacher and reading interventionist in the classroom. During her time as a tenured teacher leader in New York City, Erin developed school-wide curriculums, facilitated and monitored the effectiveness of professional development, and was named a Model Teacher by the NYC DOE. Scaling her passion for equitable education with Eduscape, she collaborates daily to provide teachers and students with the experiences and resources they need. Erin holds a BS in history and sociology from Loyola University Maryland, a MA in special education from Fordham University, as well as holds certifications as a SCRUM project manager, Google Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, and ISTE Certified Educator.

Jamie Schoenbach

Senior Learning Leader, 


Jamie is a Senior Learning Leader and got her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Salisbury University in Maryland and her Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Montclair State University in New Jersey. She taught 4th and 5th grade, was a middle school STEM Coach, as well as the district's Supervisor of Instructional Technology. Jamie often wrote and revised STEAM curriculum, facilitated professional development, and collaborated with K-12 teachers to strengthen their teaching and learning practices. She believes it is so important to empower educators and ignite their passion in order to create the future leaders of tomorrow.



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