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Eduscape is a Microsoft Global Training Partner with Black Belt status.

If you are a school, district or association that aspires to leverage the power of Office 365 to drive pedagogy and student-centered instruction and/or leverage the collaborative features of Teams to manage learning, collaboration and PLCs or PLNs, contact us.

We can work with your staff whether you are brand new to Microsoft or if your school requires assistance with deeper integration. All workshops are designed using the Eduscape Framework for Professional Learning, which focuses on three elements: Culture and Mindset, Learning the Tools and Instructional Design.

Most of our offerings can be funded through Entitlement Funds.

Workshops that Transform Teaching and Learning

Getting Started
By completing the workshops in this track, teachers will acquire a strong foundation in the basic tools, and begin exploring how to write and implement activities and assessments that increase student engagement.

– Using Bing as an Educational Resource


– Working with Windows 10


– Increasing Collaboration in the Cloud (OneDrive, Word,


– Getting Organized with OneNote


– Taking Presentations to the Next Level with Sway


– Staying Organized and Connected with Microsoft (Outlook, Skype)


– Grading Made Easy with Microsoft Forms and Excel


– Make it Visual (Paint 3D)


– Minecraft: Learning the Craft


– Office 365 for Office Staff


– Office 365 for Administrators

Beyond The Basics
The workshops in this track take teachers past the introductory level and move into exploring the more advanced tools, with the goal of creating lessons and activities that focus on increasing collaboration, critical thinking, and student agency.

– Level Up with Add-ins


– Going Paperless with Virtual Classrooms (Teams)


– Personalizing Learning with Digital Assessment (Forms)


– Accessibility with Microsoft 365


– Including Families in Your Digital Classroom


– Tracking Student Growth with Digital Portfolios


– Shaping Student Work with Community


– Explore the World with Skype in the Classroom


– Minecraft: Honing the Craft

Advancing Your Skills

– Personalizing Learning with Office 365



– Inquiry-Based Instruction



– Teaching Above the Line: SAMR and Office 365



– Problem vs Project Based – What’s the Difference?



– Flip for Blended Learning using Teams and Flipgrid



– Create a PLC using Microsoft Teams



– Genius Hour



– Oh The Places You’ll Go with MS Mixed Reality!



– Minecraft Across the Content Areas

Online courses designed to provide foundational skills for learners.

– Windows 10

– Microsoft Edge

– Outlook Online

– OneDrive

– Word Online

– PowerPoint Online

– MS Forms Online

– MS Teams

– Sway

– Excel Online

– OneNote Online

– Class Notebook

– Skype