Leadership Program

Behind every thriving school is a well-trained leader. Elevate your skills with our comprehensive professional development programs. The Leadership Program is designed for K-12 administrators looking to cultivate leadership skills and build their personal network of professional resources and relationships. Developed by leaders for leaders, the program follows a cohort model and fosters collaboration, peer support, mentorship, and accountability.

The Leadership Program focuses on five aspects of administrative success:

Vision and Leadership

A great leader’s courage to fulfill their vision comes from passion, not position. Inspire your team to achieve a shared vision through our professional development program on Vision and Leadership.

Culture and Climate

School culture is the guiding force behind the visible behaviors. Cultivate a culture that fosters inclusion and success for all with our specialized training on Culture and Climate.

Teaching for Understanding

Effective instruction does more than teach facts; it builds understanding. Join our program to master instructional leadership strategies that foster deep learning.

Coaching Teachers to Success

The art of teaching must be accompanied by coaching. Learn how to mentor and inspire your teachers towards excellence with our Coaching Teachers to Success professional development.

Leadership for Wellbeing

Well-being is not a luxury for educational leaders; it's necessary. Discover how to balance the demands of leadership with personal well-being to foster a healthier school environment.

Why Administration Needs PD

  1. 1
    Supporting our leaders is an investment in our future. Intentional professional development empowers administrators to excel and innovate.
  2. 2
    Every leader deserves the tools to succeed. Provide intentional professional development to unlock the full potential of your administrative team.
  3. 3
    Intentional professional development is the cornerstone of effective leadership. Support your administrators with the training they need to lead with confidence and vision.
  4. 4
    Equip, empower, and inspire. Intentional PD for administrators isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential for creating schools where both students and staff can thrive.
  5. 5
    The strength of our schools lies in the strength of their leaders. Offer administrators intentional professional development to build resilient and effective educational environments.
  6. 6
    Leadership thrives under guidance and grows with support. Ensure your administrators have access to intentional professional development that meets their unique needs and challenges.


  • Develop a clear vision and leadership plan for your schools or districts
  • Implement strategies to improve school culture and climate
  • Apply best practices in teaching and learning to ensure student success
  • Enhance coaching and evaluation skills to support teacher growth
  • Promote wellbeing among yourselves and your teams


  • Each module will have 3-6 sessions.
  • Each module will have  pre and post assessments.
  • We can offer in-person or virtual sessions.
  • We can offer district cohorts for individual modules or the entire program.
  • We can offer national cohorts in which individual teachers can sign up for specific modules or the program.
  • We can offer the module as an in-person workshop. 

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