ISTE Certification

ISTE Certification

Two-Phase Certification Program

The New Jersey School Boards Association is partnering with the International Society for
Technology in Education (ISTE) to provide educators with training and certification to ensure
that technology is equitably employed in classrooms across the Garden State.

The updated ISTE Certification for Educators is fully online and now consists of two required phases.
The certification is valid for three years and the program is open to all
educators including teachers, curriculum coaches, library media specialists, principals, etc.

Complete Online Course (14 weeks)

The course is hosted in Brightspace, ISTE’s learning management system.
Here's how it works: 
  • Attend five required, two-hour synchronous Zoom sessions, which are scheduled two
    weeks apart.
  • Plan three weeks between the final session and the course end date, when all work
    must be submitted.
  • Earn at least 80% overall in the course to move onto the portfolio phase.
  • Post in discussion boards and complete other assigned activities.
  • Plan to spend about five hours per week to finish assignments.

The course is facilitated by Eduscape instructors, who also are ISTE Certified trainers.

Build Your Portfolio (6 months)

Participants must complete an alignment map template, an applicant guide, criteria
guidelines and artifact exemplars.

Here’s what that means:
  • Provide examples demonstrating your performance and impact as an educator, known
    as artifact exemplars, for 24 select criteria.
  • Submit a personal reflection with examples of how you handled certain scenarios, what
    lessons you learned and how you plan to use those experiences to make wiser
    decisions moving forward.
  • Complete the portfolio as soon as possible, or within six months after completing the
    online course.
  • Receive support through monthly Eduscape office hours and via a private Facebook
    group monitored by Eduscape/ISTE certified trainers.

ISTE staff will evaluate portfolios. Participants who pass this phase will receive their ISTE Certified Educator status, earning them 20 out of 25 total points.

Schedule a custom cohort!

Custom cohorts are available for your school or district. Contact us to create a cohort for your educators.

Why Become an ISTE Certified Educator?

District decision makers are looking for educators with a growth mindset to adapt, thrive and lead.

Recognized by ISTE, valued by leaders. 

The ISTE Standards define a new skill set that empowers educators to rethink and redesign learning with technology. ISTE recognizes individuals who can demonstrate and apply the standards, earning the distinction of an ISTE Certified Educator.

Demonstrate initiative, drive, and skill

Leaders are looking for those with a growth mindset to adapt, thrive and lead learning with technology in their schools and districts. Earning the ISTE Certification
demonstrates those who have the initiative, drive and the required skills to transform, personalize and empower learning in the classroom and in schools.

Based on globally recognized standards.

States, districts and schools are using the ISTE Standards as their framework for digital learning because the standards are based on research. They also were designed by educators, for educators, and help prepare students for success in a digital world. Educator preparation programs are using the ISTE Standards to graduate the next generation of teachers capable of using technology purposefully for learning.

Pedagogy first, technology second.

Unlike certifications from the private sector, the ISTE Certification for Educators is vendor neutral, so the skills developed will be transferable to any system, device, or tool.

While technology opens up a new world of opportunities for learning, ISTE Certification for Educators focuses on changing practice and improving learning outcomes through technology.

Graduate Level Credits

Through our partnership with New Jersey City University, you have the opportunity to earn three graduate level credits.

ISTE Certified Educator Benefits

Join an elite community of educators with ISTE Certification.

ISTE Standards Graphic
  • Opportunity to earn three graduate level credits.
  • Become part of the ISTE Certified Educator community.
  • Join ISTE Certified Educator meetups at the ISTE conference
  • Identify yourself with the ISTE Certified Educator email signature and digital badges