Introducing a New Partner for Special Education

Shannon Stout
November 17, 2021

MONTVALE, NJ (November 17, 2021) - Photon Education, the creator of the Photon robot and innovative educational solutions, launched the Special Education Teaching Kit, which is distributed exclusively in the US by Eduscape, the leading K-12 professional learning organization. The kit is part of the Photon ecosystem, encompassing a one-of-a-kind robot, accessories, and seven teaching kits that span across several content areas.

The Special Education Teaching Kit was designed for those who are non-verbal, need behavioral/social-emotional support, and/or need academic support. In this set, the robot plays the role of a student’s companion in the world of confusing social norms and other everyday challenges. When learners feel safe they feel open to trying new things and working on challenging tasks. The robot is patient and can repeat the same activities many times over, but it can also surprise, entertain and motivate students to give their best.

With 50 fully developed lesson plans, teachers can:

  • Support students’ emotional development by enabling them to identify their own emotions and helping them understand how emotions affect their behavior.

  • Help develop communication skills with the included Augmentative and Alternative Communication system cards.

  • Increase focus and engagement using the Photon robot and engaging educational games.

  • Support balanced development with activities and methods adapted to their individual needs, abilities, and limitations.

Visit for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

About Eduscape

Eduscape is the leading professional learning solutions provider to K-12 education, with a mission to advance student outcomes by empowering and inspiring educators to rethink learning. The company is comprised almost entirely of former educators who have delivered exemplary professional learning solutions to more than 800,000 educators across 48 states and 13 countries.

About Photon

Photon Education is a Polish company with a global reach. It specializes in innovative educational solutions, such as robots. Photon products find their use in a wide range of age groups and school subjects, including sciences and social-emotional development. The goal of Photon Education is to help teachers develop new skills while helping students achieve skills necessary for the modern job market.

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