IntegrateAI Launched by Eduscape

The Eduscape Team
July 26, 2023

IntegrateAI Launched by Eduscape 

Program Facilitates Integration of AI by Educators

July 26, 2023 (Montvale, NJ) The rapid emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the landscape of every sector in our lives, including K-12 education; enter Eduscape. The nation’s leading professional learning organization developed IntegrateAI, a comprehensive program for schools that helps teachers adopt and leverage AI for classroom engagement and instruction. The program offers an AI Readiness Assessment, a Planning Framework and workshops for teachers, administrators, school board members and parents. Eduscape has also launched an AI Community of Practice where educators can access articles, research and resources while having the ability to connect with peers.

“AI is not the boogeyman, nor a threat to effective teacher practice. The opportunities to drive inquiry and enhance learning across all subject areas is limitless. We must ensure however, that educational leaders recognize the value, remain current with best practices, provide effective professional development, and implement policies that drive classroom adoption while protecting the student.” stated Alex Urrea, Founder and CEO of Eduscape.

Several nonprofit and for-profit organizations have emerged that are developing AI content and curriculum, but there is limited professional development for teachers. Eduscape has created a blended model that offers in-person, virtual and/or eLearning courses for educators to support them with AI adoption in their classrooms.

“The emergence of the Internet in education was initially constrained by slow bandwidth, limited access to devices and little cloud-based content. AI however, has few obstacles to hinder the use of tools such as ChatGPT in school and/or at home. Therefore, we need district and school leaders to lead their stakeholders through timely planning and thoughtful implementation strategies.” said Urrea. “District and school AI policies, planning and a teacher preparedness strategy must be close to the top of every Board of Education’s agenda.”

Eduscape’s AI Advisory Board is comprised of experts in AI and education that have been researching AI for several years. The group is led by Dr. Chandra Orrill, former professor of STEM education at UMASS Dartmouth and Executive Director of Research and Development at Rethink Learning Labs. “AI is an algorithm, it’s not always the truth. We must double down on teaching students how to think critically and be able to tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t real. In addition, the moral, ethical and legal implications are huge and should be addressed.” stated Dr. Orrill who has been working at the intersection of AI and Cybersecurity for several years through NSF-funded research.

Entering its 16th year, Eduscape is uniquely positioned with the breadth of depth of experience in professional development to support teachers in maximizing AI in their classrooms.

“AI is not a trend, and it’s not going away. We are leveraging our capacity and experiential knowledge in delivering impactful professional development, to deliver a meaningful and practical program for teachers to embrace the potential of AI in their classrooms.” said Urrea.

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