Embrace the Potential of AI

Discover the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. Become a pioneer in the classroom by integrating AI technologies, designing engaging lessons, and leading AI integration in your school, district, or classroom.

Prepare your entire school community to incorporate AI.

IntegrateAI is a specially curated program that will equip your Administrators, Educators, Technology Leaders, and School Board Members to effectively navigate AI integration into classrooms according to their positions.

IntegrateAI consists of four foundational pillars that allow schools and districts to maximize AI in their classrooms:

Policy & Practice

Explore scenario-based approaches to school and district AI policies

Curriculum Impacts

Discover opportunities to redesign classroom instruction and assessment

Teacher Preparedness

Equip educators with the strategies and skills to leverage AI

Student Agency

Empower students with the tools to drive their own learning

An integrated approach to AI implementation.


Readiness Assessment

Personalized assessment to gauge your readiness to incorporate AI.


Planning Framework

A Roadmap for AI Implementation customized to fit the needs of your school.



Receive access to our online collaborative AI-focused community.



Work through the self-paced eLearning Course— AI in the Educational Landscape.



Three role-specific workshops will be offered either in-person or virtually.

IntegrateAI is a total professional development program that empowers K-12 administrators, educators, and technology leaders to harness the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their schools. Participants develop in-depth knowledge of AI in the Educational Landscape and explore actionable steps to enhance student achievement.

IntegrateAI was developed by Eduscape, and based in part from the research findings with the NSF-funded EAGER Grant, a partnership with an interdisciplinary group of professionals that included: k-12 teachers, education researchers, computer science researchers, and cybersecurity and AI professionals. The lead universities were UMASS - Dartmouth and the University of Calgary; Eduscape was the only privately-held organization engaged in the research, which started Fall of 2019 (yes, we started researching AI in K-12 four years ago).

Engage with a community that is interested in exploring AI integration.

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