Rethink Learning with 

Immersive Experiences.

Immersive Powered by Eduscape

Eduscape is proud to offer Immersive, a consultative approach to bringing AR/VR into your classrooms.

The Immersive process applies a design-based process to integrating AR/VR in a purpose-driven manner.

Empower students to create and explore

With Immersive Learning Experiences, students have the opportunity to use their creative expression and voice by engineering their own 3D content in programs like Thinglink, CoSpaces, and Paint 3D. Bring immersive learning to your school to amplify student voice and achievement.

Enhance instruction across the curriculum

VR/AR provides students with a 360 degree experience to develop their understanding and skills with cross-curricular content.

Envision the potential of AR/VR in your District

With access to Virtual and augmented reality tools, students can explore content, concepts, and places that might otherwise have been inaccessible.


Determine which classroom challenges you can solve with AR/VR


Curriculum-driven strategies


Choose the optimal AR/VR tools with maximum ROI


Deliver the right PD to equip your teachers with the knowledge needed to leverage AR/VR

 "Anything that comes to life for students is something that they will internalize more... [Using an AR/VR component to a lesson] is one of those experiences that children will actually remember."

Traci Cioffi

Fifth Grade Teacher,

George Washington Elementary School

"[Professional Development on VR] would help us as technology teachers to better collaborate with classroom teachers...This [VR tool] does help me do that, where I can carry over what they are learning in the classroom and work on the technology aspect of it."

Jody Malave

K-5 Computer and STEAM Teacher,

James Madison School #10, NJ

The AR/VR Solutions for your District


ClassVR, an all-in-one virtual reality technology tool, integrates state aligned VR/AR content across the curriculum to engage students in immersive learning experiences.


Harness the power of immersive technology for practical, educational purposes with Umety. Students can experience their library of over 500 interactive, curriculum-aligned VR learning content.

Experience Immersive.

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