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Level up your learning and demonstrate your knowledge by becoming a Google for Education Certified Educator.

Google Boot Camp is designed to prepare learners for the Google for Education Certified Educator exams. Each course includes activities, quiz questions, and missions. Missions are built to give participants hands-on practice with the types of tasks they will be required to complete to pass the exam. Each mission includes a video guide to ensure that participants are able to confidently complete all of the tasks. Tips and tricks will guide learners through preparing for and taking the exam.

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Certified Educator Level 1

Level 1 focuses on demonstrating mastery of Google tools in your classroom.*

*Note: Level 1 is intended for those who already have experience using Google Workspace for Education in their classroom; it is not an introductory course. Level 2 is recommended after completing Level 1 Certification.

Certified Educator Level 2

Level 2 builds on the knowledge from Level 1 and requires demonstration of expertise and advanced tech integration skills.

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