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We support educational companies from outside the U.S. who plan to enter or grow more dynamically in the North American market.

How big is the educational market in the U.S.?

Hundreds of educational companies and EdTech startups outside the U.S. want to enter the largest education market in the world. The timing is perfect—the market is blooming, the post-pandemic funds are creating opportunities that have never been seen before.

However the competition is huge—40% of EdTech companies are basing their headquarters in the U.S. Schools, districts and resellers are bombarded every day with offers of innovative educational tools from around the world.

Eduscape Global's Offerings

Eduscape Global offers services in five areas to offer guidance from auditing your business readiness and products to sales, marketing and investment support. With 14 years of experience in the U.S. and Canadian educational market, we are ready to support you with knowledge, contacts, business, as well as product development and sales strategies.


U.S. market orientation and audits


U.S. standards alignment, professional development, product development


Marketing and communication strategy, customer development process, campaigns


Sales strategy, including distribution and sales team development


Fundraising strategy and matchmaking

We are approached regularly by educational companies from outside the U.S. seeking primarily distribution, sales representation and/or branding strategy. Those however, should be the final steps. First, they need to determine market viability for their products or services, alignment to standards and ensure that pedagogical support and professional development are in place.

They must understand whether their offering solves a problem that needs to be addressed in our educational systems, otherwise their tenure will be short-lived.

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founder and ceo, eduscape & eduscape global

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