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Shannon Stout
January 12, 2021

The Procedo Project, in partnership with the award-winning, will create the world’s largest community of Catholic educators committed to innovation in education.


MONTVALE, NJ (January 12, 2021) – Catholic educators and faith formation leaders will now have an opportunity to become part of what is expected to become the largest and most active community of educators serving Catholic schools and ministries.

The Procedo Project has partnered with to launch a global Catholic educator community that will provide members with a networking hub for professional learning, resources and discussions, and micro communities for dioceses, educators by role and level, and content areas. The Procedo Project on will be free to join and will provide discounts to events and resources curated by The Procedo Project and its network of partners. has been chosen as the platform for the global community, which will enable Catholic educators to easily join the edWeb community of 1 million educators and participate in any of the professional learning webinars and communities that edWeb offers. Lisa Schmucki, the founder and CEO of, commented, “We’re delighted to partner with The Procedo Project and its team to play an integral role to facilitate innovation in Catholic education. Catholic schools play an important role in educating nearly two million students, many of whom are in very diverse communities.”

The Global Catholic Educator Community (GCEC) will be the central gathering point for Catholic educators globally and be composed of five sub-communities focusing on 1) Innovation in Leadership, 2) STREAM, 3) Digital Discipleship, 4) Elementary Education, and 5) Secondary Education. “We are so excited to create a place where we can gather and learn together – a living community of dedicated educators who believe in the power of Catholic education.” stated Andrea Chavez-Kopp, Chief Learning Officer of The Procedo Project.

“Partnering with is an honor and supports our mission of bringing innovation to Catholic educators globally at a time when online communities are more important than ever. Communities of Learning are cited by researchers as critical elements to achieve rapid yet significant results around a shared goal,” stated Alex Urrea, Founder of The Procedo Project. “The combination of edWeb’s social learning platform and The Procedo Project’s content curation efforts will empower Catholic educators across all disciplines to succeed.”

Register for the Global Catholic Educator Community here:

Upon registering you will receive your first benefit as a member of the community. Your registration to attend, Forefront – Leading From the Future, The Procedo Project’s first annual conference, will be discounted. Look for your discount code in the welcome email.

About The Procedo Project

The Procedo Project was created to develop, implement and and curate innovative models of Catholic education. We partner to build capacity toward self-sustaining Catholic schools, serving as beacons for innovative academic and operational practice while continuing to be inspirational communities of faith. The Procedo Project is a 501 © 3 as part of the Rethink Learning Foundation.

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