September 15

Five Reasons Educators are Switching to eLearning for Professional Development


Now that the school year has begun, you have likely attended or scheduled various professional development workshops. The traditional model of in-person or live, virtual sessions is a great way to learn new ideas, ask questions or collaborate in groups. However, it can be difficult to coordinate schedules, find topics and skill levels that apply to everyone, and bring all staff to one place to attend.

A great supplement to live professional development sessions that a growing number of educators are exploring is eLearning. An effective eLearning platform can enable a higher level of learning among staff and give them the freedom to choose what they want to learn.
  1. Flexibility
    Educators and leaders are able to complete their courses when it makes sense for them. There is no need to find a time that works well for all teachers, across all grades and schools.
  2. Personalization
    Not all teachers are at the same level or need professional development on the same subjects. Some may need to start with the basics, while others are more advanced and can skip right to more in-depth topics. With eLearning, educators can enroll in courses based on their own level, so they aren’t wasting their time learning things they already know.
  3. Learning Communities
    A great feature of in-person learning is collaboration. However, that community usually only lasts for the duration of the workshop. In an eLearning platform with a Communities of Practice, educators are able to connect with other learners that have taken their courses, and discuss best practices or collaborate on new ideas.
  4. Price
    Conducting live workshops can be cost-prohibitive, charging for travel, materials, and an instructor. With eLearning, learners are using their own materials and tech, and since it is virtual, there is no need for travel or to pay for a live instructor. Learners also have the ability to go back and review items that they are struggling with, without having to pay for additional sessions.
  5. Data and Tracking
    Accurate data for in-person and live professional development is hard to obtain. Even with surveys and manual reporting, tracking learners is difficult. With eLearning, administrators can easily view the courses their staff are enrolled in, how much time they have spent on the platform, and what certifications they have received.

eLearning platforms, such as myEduscape, can help schools accommodate more educators and provide professional development that is not only useful, but enjoyable. Start by testing eLearning platforms with your school, and discover what works best for your staff.


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