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FableVision Learning’s Animation-ish is an easy-to-use, web-based animation program, created by New York Times bestselling author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds (The Dot, The Word Collector, Say Something, Judy Moody).


Designed for grades K-12, Animation-ish provides students with a fun, rewarding experience that seeks to foster the ability to animate across the curriculum with confidence with an easy-to-use interface that:

  • Sparks creative thinking and imagination.
  • Provides engaging activities that integrate creativity across the curriculum.
  • Helps teachers create exciting lessons that represent content visually.
  • Boosts digital literacy skills.
  • Teaches basic concepts in animation and graphic design.


Animation-ish also includes online animation lessons from Peter H. Reynolds and the animators at FableVision Studios.

Animation-ish includes three levels so students can learn to animate at their own pace:

Wiggledoodle-ish provides a simple set of tools to draw, trace, and animate with just three frames. You can also import and trace any graphic.

Flipbook-ish includes an infinite number of frames so you can create longer animations that teach or “show what you know.”

Advanced-ish introduces the mover tool, which allows for more complex animations using foregrounds, backgrounds, and movement across the screen.


Animation-ish is an annual subscription and available as a web-based application. Online hosting lets students log in 24/7, from any computer connected to the internet — allowing them to design anytime, anywhere.


Subscription is annual from time of activation.

FabMaker Studio ([email protected] Maker Studio)


FableVision Learning’s FabMaker Studio is an easy-to-use web-based digital design and fabrication tool, that allows students in grades PK-8 to experience STEM and STEAM learning in a more engaging, personally meaningful way.


Acting as a paper-prototyping tool, FabMaker Studio provides a low-cost way to imagine, design, invent, and fabricate 2D designs, pop-ups, and 3D projects like geometric constructions and working machines using paper, cardstock, and cardboard. FabMaker Studio is an accessible program that supports a variety of materials and a range of tools from scissors to inexpensive 2D cutters, 3D printers, and laser cutters. 


FabMaker Studio is available as a web-based application. Online hosting lets students log in 24/7, from any computer connected to the internet — allowing them to design anytime, anywhere.


Subscription is annual from time of activation. 


Annual Subscriptions Includes:

  • 24/7 access through a web-based platform (compatible with Mac, Windows, iPad, Chromebooks, and other mobile devices)
  • Start with Step by Step and Ready-Made Projects – or imagine and invent from scratch.
  • Create and design with friendly yet powerful tools.
  • Enjoy a range of projects from simple to sophisticated – 2D Stuff, Pop-ups, and 3D Stuff.
  • Fabricate by hand with scissors or use easy and inexpensive digital cutters.
  • Explore an easy on-ramp to 3D printing.
  • Access standards-based activities including Smithsonian Invention Kits and resources.

Words and Their Stories


FableVision Learning’s Words And Their Stories (WATS) is an award-winning web-based vocabulary program that engages students in grades 5-12 with the stories behind words.


Words and Their Stories requires students to apply etymology and critical thinking skills (application, analysis, synthesis) in a sequential, inductive process to develop true understanding of word meaning.


Words and Their Stories applies the WATS process to general vocabulary study, as well as standardized test preparation and literature-specific vocabulary that is then combined with activities designed to improve reading comprehension skills. All products are delivered through engaging multimedia and are designed specifically for grades 5 and up, allowing both individualized instruction and self-paced study. Full assessment and reporting features are available and all programs meet or exceed both state and national standards.


Words and Their Stories is available as a web-based application. Online hosting lets students log in 24/7, from any computer connected to the internet.


Subscription is annual from time of activation. 

The Peter H. Reynolds Storybook Academy


Imagine having New York Times best-selling author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds in your classroom, inspiring students to write and create all year long…


Through The Peter H. Reynolds Storybook Academy, you can!

Peter coaches your students through videos and activities, sharing real-world tips on developing characters and storytelling, the value of collaboration and editing, and so much more.

Students, in grades 3-5, will learn how to develop their brand, logo, and slogan, and create a plot-line that inspires themselves and others.


Peter H. Reynolds’ Storybook Academy is a comprehensive online writing workshop with 31 videos and activities that provides an exploration of the creative process.


How it Works

In the online academy, teachers will find the videos and downloadable activities to share with students.


Student will explore topics that include:

  • Plot-line development
  • Idea expansion
  • Storyboard sequencing
  • Character development
  • Establishing a personal mission, elevator pitch, brand, and creative identity as an author

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