Empowering Educators

The Eduscape Team
September 8, 2023

Case Study 
Empowering Educators: 
How the Diocese of Trenton is flipping the switch on Catholic Education 

The challenge: Help Catholic Schools thrive in the 21st-Century

Dr. Vincent de Paul Schmidt, Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Trenton, is determined to help his schools grow and thrive. As a result of thoughtful assessment and reflection of the current landscape with his leadership team, he has determined and set very specific goals for success.

  • Solidify the Catholic brand
  • Increase school enrollment
  • Achieve financial stability

Teachers are the key to the solution.

“Our teachers need to know we care about them, and we care about their professional growth. We want them to see the value of staying in Catholic Education.” 

-Dr. Vincent de Paul Schmidt, Superintendent

The overview: The Diocese of Trenton at a Glance

30 Schools

14,000+ Students

1,000+ Teachers

Approaching Professional Growth for teachers...How the Diocese of Trenton arrived at their solution.


The Diocese is losing teachers to public schools for more pay, and experiencing an overall teacher shortage


An effective approach to enhance teacher practice is vital for professional success and overall retention.


Design a personalized approach to teacher professional development.

The solution: Implement a data-driven Professional Development Platform

Aligned with Dr. Schmidt’s vision and in an effort to effectively achieve the goals for his Catholic Schools, myEduscape® was implemented across the Diocese of Trenton. He and his team worked with the professional development experts at Eduscape to develop a plan to roll out the solution in the spring of 2023. With well-trained teachers who are supported in their development, the Diocese has positioned themselves to strategically reach the three-year goals they have identified!

The future: Cultivate Thriving Catholic schools

"For years, we have been encouraging educators to make data-informed decisions and give their students a voice in their learning. Yet, we have not applied this same approach to professional development for our teachers. The myEduscape platform puts learning in the hands of teachers using data-driven PD recommendations, allowing them to grow based on their own needs. We finally have a means to authentically respond to teachers' professional learning needs thanks to Eduscape."

-Bonnie Milecki, Assistant Superintendent - School Development & Operations

Meeting teachers' professional learning needs.

What makes myEduscape® an impactful Professional Learning Solution?

  • Built in Evaluation Tool for Leaders
  • Authentic Learning Experience
  • Personalized and Data-Driven
  • Social Learning Community
  • Curated Resources
  • Portfolio & Learning Log
  • Administrative Dashboard

From the Superintendent's Desk:

In this interview, Dr. Vincent de Paul Schmidt, Superintendent of the Diocese of Trenton, shares how the myEduscape professional learning platform is revolutionizing the way his teachers grow professionally.

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