Eduscape Launches UBBU in North America to Empower Every K-6 Teacher to Integrate Computer Science in Their Classroom

Montvale, NJ – Eduscape has acquired the rights to bring the award-winning ubbu coding platform to North America. ubbu has hundreds of curriculum-aligned lessons that facilitate the integration of computer science by any K-6 teacher. The platform contains ready-to-use lesson plans, activities, discussion topics and an easy-to-manage teacher dashboard. In addition to NGSS and CS Standards alignment, what makes ubbu unique is that every lesson is aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: the global standard to address challenges such as poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

“There are now over 1 million students in more than 10 countries using ubbu. We are proud of the impact we are making to bring computer science to K-6 students through their teachers in a meaningful way. Entering the most important market in the world with Eduscape is an opportunity to work with an excellent and knowledgeable partner. They genuinely care about education and are the right company.” – stated João Magalhães, CEO of ubbu.

Teachers in over 10 countries have successfully been able to facilitate coding and computer science instruction for their students without having computer science backgrounds themselves. “Teaching students to code was not something I was comfortable with; now with ubbu my students are learning the importance of coding as it applies to everyday and relevant topics. The easy-to-manage teacher dashboard also allows me to differentiate for every student.” – J.K. Maerhin, 4th grade teacher

Similar to all its partnerships, Eduscape has taken a methodical approach to bringing ubbu into North American schools. “The purpose of our partnership with ubbu is to empower any and every K-6 teacher to constructively engage their students in computer science, without feeling like they have to be computer science teachers themselves. ubbu is focused exclusively on education; too many coding platforms focus more on popular characters, games or toys – ubbu was purposely designed to support curriculum objectives.” stated Alex Urrea, Founder and Managing Partner of Eduscape.

Numerous research reports have concluded that the growing demand for computer science teachers in K-12 schools is going unmet without any end in sight.

According to the nonprofit, only 75 teachers graduated from universities equipped to teach the subject in 2016. Compare that to the number of graduating educators prepared in mathematics (12,528) and the sciences (11,917 across general science, biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science). For many current elementary, middle, and high school faculty members who want to teach computer science, getting certified is not a possibility. While every state provides clear pathways to certification in mathematics and science, only 29 states have similar policies for computer science teachers.

“As a social innovation company, our responsibility is to find simple solutions to big challenges. Our goal with this partnership is to make coding accessible and teachable by the everyday classroom teacher – ubbu accomplishes that incredibly well.” added Urrea.

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About Eduscape

Headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, Eduscape is the leading professional learning organization in the country. Its team of experienced educators has developed and delivered professional development to over 600,000 educators and school leaders. The organization’s expertise ranges from interactive technologies, classroom productivity applications to STEM Education. Eduscape is a Google for Education Training Partner, a leading Microsoft Global Training Partner and the only privately-held certified provider of the ISTE Educator Certification. It has been selected by over 20 award-winning STEM product companies to develop their training academies.

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