Eduscape Launches The Procedo Project to Drive Innovation in Catholic Schools


July 16, 2020

One of North America’s leading K-12 professional learning organizations leads the effort to build self-sustaining models of innovation for Catholic education


MONTVALE, NJ (July 16, 2020) – Eduscape, one of North America’s leading K-12 professional learning organizations, launched The Procedo Project, an initiative to build self-sustaining models of innovation for Catholic education in partnership with Catholic schools and Arch(Dioceses). Eduscape has emerged as the leader in professional learning and development in the U.S. The company has delivered remote teaching support to over 40,000 educators since COVID-19 forced school closures; over 10,000 of which have been Catholic school educators.

“Catholic schools are faced with a historic opportunity to stand up and stand out to meet the needs of its students; leaders must rethink learning by rethinking almost everything. The Procedo Project was launched for this very moment, to be the trusted innovation partner to drive Catholic education globally,” said Alex Urrea, CEO of New Jersey based Eduscape and Founder of The Procedo Project. “We have assembled an exemplary team of educators, corporate partners and higher education alliances. Our collective experience is relatively unmatched; now, through The Procedo Project we will leverage our network for the benefit of Catholic schools.”

The Procedo Project (procedo: to advance or move forward) has been formed to work in partnership with schools and Arch(Diocese) to face new challenges, provide needed resources and build networks to help capture opportunities for advancement. It brings educators, leaders, organizations, companies and thought leaders together to enact change, rethink teaching and learning, curate content on cutting edge practices and connect like-minded school communities.

The initiative will attract members who acknowledge that “business as usual” is unacceptable for the current educational landscape, yet recognize innovation does not mean abandoning the traditions and beliefs that are the cornerstone of Catholic education. The initiative has been in development for several years and will be announcing partnerships with several private and nonprofit organizations, including some Catholic colleges and universities. Andrea Chavez-Kopp, a leader in Catholic education nationally, has been appointed Chief Learning Officer.

“At The Procedo Project, we reject the notion that Catholic schools will inevitably die on the vine because of the changes necessary to transform educational philosophy and methodology in today’s reality,” said Chavez-Kopp. “The truth is, all schools need to rethink learning and Catholic schools are more agile and able to adapt if they are willing to rise to the challenge.”

The Procedo Project is based on five pillars:

        1. Innovation
        2. Digital Transformation
        3. STREAM
        4. Faith Formation
        5. Professional Development

The initiative aims to support the rich tradition of Catholic education by making schools beacons of innovative academic and operational practice; provide immediate, relevant and timely expertise to keep schools open; elevate past programmatic approaches of STREAM education to embed innovative mindset and practice within the fabric of school culture and through the lens of Catholic education; help schools move beyond surviving distance learning to planning, embedding and leading the field in quality blended learning approaches; and deliver world-class, professional development in remote teaching, leadership formation, social-emotional learning and many other areas.

“Disruption in Catholic schools has been taking place for too long; closures, mergers and reorganizations happen much too often. It’s time to be proactive by bringing disruptive innovation to our schools by rethinking leadership, strategies and partnerships long thought to be useful but have not reaped sustainable benefits. Everything must be reimagined NOW because so long as there is a commitment to academic excellence, innovation, leadership development and support; we will advance schools and help them rise because our efforts are grounded in Catholic formation and principles.” added Urrea.


The project formally launched on July 6, 2020 and is expanding rapidly. A schedule of upcoming events will be announced in the coming days.


For more information about The Procedo Project, please visit:




About Eduscape

Eduscape is a leading K-12 professional learning organization. Its team of educators has developed and delivered professional development to over hundreds of thousands of educators and school leaders. The organization’s expertise includes development of blended learning programs for classroom productivity applications, SEL, CTE and STEM Education. Eduscape is a Google for Education National Training Partner, a leading Microsoft Global Training Partner and the only privately held authorized provider of the ISTE Educator Certification. It has been selected by over 20 award-winning STEM product companies to develop their training academies.

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