Eduscape Launches eLearning Portal for Educators

Shannon Stout
August 5, 2021

MONTVALE, NJ ( August 5, 2021) - Eduscape has launched myEduscape, an innovative online professional development platform for educators. myEduscape was designed to help educators and administrators learn at their own pace in one centralized location, with learning paths that fit each district, school or educator’s learning objectives.

Courses are offered in Learning Paths that cover topics such as SEL, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Accelerated Learning Recovery, STEM, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Accessibility, Early Education, and more. Courses are designed with a scenario-based approach by providing context-driven strategies to support active learning.

Learners begin with a self-assessment of their knowledge and skills to help identify Learning Paths that meet their individual and/or school’s professional learning goals. Learners can earn certificates and badges as they complete courses, and can monitor progress through their own learning dashboard and portfolio.

An Administrator Dashboard allows leaders to view courses their teachers have completed, how long they were active in the platform, and full reports of their learning progress.

“The launch of the myEduscape platform and online courses is the result of 15 years of experience developing and delivering impactful and practical professional learning to over 800,000 educators. We have solved two challenges; low engagement, passive eLearning for educators that lack context and peer connections, and learning management systems not designed for comprehensive professional development support.” stated Alex Urrea, Founder and CEO of Eduscape and iTeach.

myEduscape can be customized per school or district, or for individual learners, with annual subscriptions and a la carte courses available. The platform was designed in partnership with iTeach, an independent Eduscape affiliate.

To explore the Learning Paths and courses offered, or to see subscription options, visit

About Eduscape

Eduscape develops and delivers exemplary professional learning solutions to advance education for all learners and help school leaders “rethink learning.” The company is comprised almost entirely of former educators who have delivered exemplary professional learning solutions to more than 800,000 educators across 48 states and 13 countries. 

About iTeach

iTeach, LLC DBA/myEduscape is an affiliated, independent eLearning entity with Eduscape. myEduscape specializes in online content and course development, offers a comprehensive eLearning platform with engaging, interactive, portfolio-driven tools; and, curates, develops and designs best-in-class courses with supported competency-based approaches to engaged learning that can be micro-credentialed. The company is run by the same management team that leads Eduscape.

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