Eduscape Launches DEI Professional Learning Program for Educators

Shannon Stout
November 4, 2021

MONTVALE, NJ (Nov. 4, 2021) - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has been one of the topics at the forefront of many school and district initiatives over the past 18 months. Eduscape, the leading professional learning organization in K-12 education, has launched a DEI practice led by Samantha Fletcher, a prominent voice in DEI and a Harvard Equity and Inclusion Fellow.

“Samantha is an experienced educator who has been engaged in developing and building DEI education programs long before the deaths of George Floyd and others created much needed awareness about this issue,” stated Alex Urrea, Founder and Manager Partner of Eduscape.

Crucial conversations in schools pertinent to DEI vary depending on school demographics. Some may include, but are not limited to, defining DEI topics, enabling inclusion for various groups, managing diversity for making schools safe, and carrying out equitable practices and diverse narratives across the curriculum. It is critical for school leaders to take the lead in setting the ground rules and opportunities for various stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue. Foremost, we must provide professional development for teachers to have the proper understanding and tools to address DEI in their classrooms.

“It doesn’t feel like work when it’s your passion, which has been my case when I’ve led equity and inclusion efforts for educators, school and organizational leaders, and others over the years,” says Fletcher. “Eduscape is committed to ensuring that DEI is a part of its professional education offerings, and I’m excited to join as Director of Inclusivity and Innovation and help lead that charge.”

The Eduscape DEI Program offers schools and districts a comprehensive suite of services ranging from curriculum design and development, teacher and school leadership workshops, coaching and cultivation of district-wide DEI teams.

“DEI cannot become another acronym or trend in education that goes away quietly into the abyss like so many other programs in education. We have a genuine opportunity to cultivate and support school-wide cultures of inclusivity that become indelible and provide teachers the tools to bring DEI topics seamlessly into the curriculum. We cannot leave teachers, or for that matter school leaders, on an island to deal with this topic on their own,” stated Urrea. 

About Eduscape

Eduscape is one of the only minority-owned and led education companies in the United States. The Company’s mission is to advance student outcomes by providing teachers with exemplary professional learning experiences to raise their practice, support their work and drive innovation in the classroom. Eduscape is both a Google National Training Partner and a Microsoft Global Training Partner in Education, and partners with leading educational institutions to develop and deliver programs in SEL, STEM, leadership development and more.

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